Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Interesting Thought

Babalu Blog posted reminisces about the Kennedy Administration's willing abandonment of the Cuban patriots during the Bay Of Pigs fiasco. Humberto Fontova writes in the April 18th edition of Newsmax about how President Kennedy allowed - in reality, caused - the attack to fail.

One interesting nugget in the story concerns a quote from a book "Suicide of the West" by James Burnham. "... the Liberal cannot strike wholeheartedly at the communist for fear of wounding himself in the process." One wonders if they also avoid fighting against Islamism for the same reason. The "Liberal" and the Islamist hate Christianity and Judaism, check. The "Liberal" and the Islamist both hate personal freedom, check. The "Liberal" and the Islamist both demand no deviation from their interpretations of "sacred" texts: ie our Founding Documents and the Koran, check. The "Liberal" and the Islamist both want complete and utter control over all aspects of life: one, an atheist world government under their control and the other, a sharia government under their control.

Although the first lined up against the wall if one side wins would be the other. We have seen in the last century what happens if you end up on the wrong side of the "Liberal." Over one hundred million put to death for not adhering to the party line. The Islamists seem to be trying to outdo that number. No, they are not true allies, but their interests at this moment in time converge. Hatred for those who do not subscribe to their worldview. How many times have the conservatives in America been attacked ruthlessly by the "Liberal?" Ask Michelle Malkin. How many times have the Islamists threatened death, and indeed brought death, to those who speak and work against them?

Too many eyes are closed or distracted from the importance of our current fight by daily trials: rising gas prices while oil companies report record profit; birth of children to useless celebrities; sports; and our own little dramas filling our days. Unfortunately for us, ignoring the truth of today's events won't make them go away. We need to focus on our future and at this time our focus should be on eliminating radical Islamism. Those who try to distract us from it by hearings about alleged mistreatment of terrorists and war strategy are as dangerous to America as those who flew into the WTC. Far too many "Liberal" talking points are about stopping President Bush instead of stopping Iran's rush to nuclear status. Bizarre as it seems, their enemy is their countryman and their friends are foreign killers.

Do they just not care about what would happen if Islamism wins, or are they fooled into believing they can control them once they win? Do they believe that they can use Islamism to destroy their enemies and then destroy radical Islamism? They don't seem to have a will to physically fight, how do they propose to fight a victorious Islamist? Drive them to suicide by their banal talk and foolish blather? Perhaps naked protests and papier mache heads? Not likely. Fresh off of their supposed victory over evil conservative Christians and their Jewish overlords, will they wonder how those barbaric dark agers were able to put the knife to their throats? Well, at least they can't blame the Jews at that point.

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