Thursday, April 27, 2006

Press Stupidity On Guns

(An unfortunately continuing series....)

Earlier this year this little story ran on Las Vegas NBC affiliate KVBC. This was a follow up story about the fatal shooting of a Metro police sergeant. Is it laziness, stupidity, flat out lying, or all three?

"The Crimetracker 3 Team is digging deeper into the laws that let a 22 year old get his hands on an assault rifle. (I guess the dolts at News 3 didn't bother to notice that you only need to be eighteen to purchase a long gun in Nevada.) There have been a lot of questions about the gun Amir Crump was using when he fired and killed Sergeant Prendes. It was a semi-automatic assault rifle, one described by Metro as a modified AK-47. That same gun became legal in late 2004 when the Federal Assault Weapons ban expired. The 10 year ban made it illegal to sell or possess any semi-automatic weapon. (Any? Don't you idiots ever do any research?!) Nineteen different weapons (By their logic then, nineteen types of "assault rifles" are the sum total of those weapons) were on the bill; many were similar to legal guns but with cosmetic changes.

As long as the Enemy Press refuses to check their work before publishing or broadcasting, we'll continue to see such blatant stupidity, laziness, or outright lying being foisted upon an unsuspecting or gun ignorant people. Of course, that serves their purposes doesn't it?

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