Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Armstrong Clean, French Lose Again! (What Else Is New?) reports an AP story that a Dutch investigator's report clears Lance Armstrong of doping allegations by the whiny French after he became the greatest Tour De France cyclist ever seen. The report by Emile Vrijman said "no proper records were kept of the samples, there had been no 'chain of custody' guaranteeing their integrity, and no way of knowing whether the samples had been 'spiked' with banned substances."

Predictably, the leader of WADA, the World Anti-Doping Agency, Dick Pound, (I'll bet he does) decried the truth as presented. "'Whether the samples were positive or not, I don't know how a Dutch lawyer with no expertise came to a conclusion that one of the leading laboratories in the world messed up on the analysis. To say Armstrong is totally exonerated seems strange,' Pound said." How about because they were all jealous? They continued to cry, "'WADA continues to stress its concern that an investigation into the matter must consider all aspects - not limited to how the damaging information regarding athletes' urine samples became public, but also addressing the question of whether anti-doping rules were violated by athletes,' the statement said." Yeah, well let's forget about us and look at our false claims again....

Sorry France and those who hate Armstrong. You lied and you lost. Isn't it time you surrendered?

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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Remember, Normalizing One Sexual Deviancy Does Not Lead to Accepting Another....

See here. Oh, wait. Perhaps one thing does lead to another....

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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Blogging Hiatus

Blogging will resume in June.

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Racist, Nativist Sentiment Rule Federal, State, Local Offices....

The AP reports that the Federal government mandates oppressive anti-immigrant guidelines for every political organization in the country! Immigrants, even naturalized citizens, aren't allowed to hold any federal, state or local political office. Indeed the government goes even further, "Since at least 2003, it has encouraged cities to ban non-natives from such local jobs as firefighters, police and judges."

How can the government get away with this?! Where's the ACLU? Where are the immigrant activists? Oh, wait, it's not the US government doing's the Mexican government.

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I Guess They Are Stupid...

Or, Bus Driver Bob reports back to duty. in Boise carries the AP story relating New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin's re-election. A stunning development considering the comments hizzoner made after Katrina. Of course, he's to blame for the poor response the city made to the oncoming storm last year.

"Nagin, a former cable television executive elected to office in 2002, had argued the city could ill-afford to change course as rebuilding gathered steam. (wouldn't a change of course mean something would be done?) He and Landrieu are both Democrats, but Nagin is largely viewed as the more conservative of the two candidates because of his business background and his past support of Republican candidates for other offices." Funny thing about some of the voters: "Evacuees arrived by bus from as far as Atlanta and Houston to vote." Perhaps Mayor Nagin did learn something after all. If only he thought of using buses before the storm....

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Saturday, May 20, 2006

Armed Forces Day

"On August 31, 1949, Secretary of Defense Louis Johnson announced the creation of an Armed Forces Day to replace separate Army, Navy, Marine Corps and Air Force Days. The single-day celebration stemmed from the unification of the Armed Forces under one department -- the Department of Defense."

Photo and text from DefenseLINK.

If you can't join, read a milblogger today!

Small Town Veteran
Citizen Smash
The Fast Squirrel

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LA Times Headline: "U.N. Panel Wants Cuba Jail Closed"

Well it's about time the Turtle Bay Tyranny Society said something constructive. Oh, wait, they didn't mean that Castro should close his jails....

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Thursday, May 18, 2006

More Gator Goodness

Lots of Gator posts around the old blogroll lately. Here's a new one from Alan at Blogonomicon. It appears a gator attacked a woman's dog. She shot the critter...and got cited for hunting without a license!

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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Gay Marriage Will Not Lead To...

Other things. It's just about giving "rights" to those who aren't part of the dominant hate filled majority.

Note to self: Be prepared for another onslaught of "prove it" from gay marriage supporters.

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Missing No Longer...

TriggerFinger is back online. Looks like a server problem. Click on over to let him know you're still reading....

Monday, May 15, 2006

New Treasury Notes To Be Released

Ah, Shoot! has received advance notice of a new legal tender bill scheduled for circulation after the President's speech tonight....

Carnival Of Cordite!

Latest edition of Carnival of Cordite is up at Resistance Is Futile!

Watching The Watchers?

Video via Fox News. It appears that some students at SUNY New Paltz want to form a student militia. Of course the campus police are horrified.

The Times Herald-Record which covers New York's Hudson Valley posts two recent stories concerning the plan. From the May 4 edition: "The students cite years of general abuse by administrators, campus and local police toward students - including profiling and illegal searches - to justify their support of and participation in the militia, which, they say, already has 21 members and is just getting started. 'I don't advocate violence, but I do advocate students' rights,' said departing Student Association President R.J. Partington, who characterized himself as a 'near-pacifist.' 'But on a campus where certain people called 'police officers' can have guns and weapons, students should be afforded the same rights,' he said. A student militia would act as a 24-7 'watchdog group' to guard against police abuses, the student leaders say. Cameras, rather than shotguns, would be the principle weapons, they say."

Of course the "powers that be" can't let that go unchallenged. "SUNY New Paltz officials and campus police Chief Ray Bryant have said that both campus regulations and state law prohibit possession of firearms on campus. 'Rest assured,' Bryant said, 'these regulations will be enforced to protect the well-being of the campus community.'" Unless of course "protecting the well-being of the campus community" means covering up possible illegal actions by those who are allowed guns on campus. Now, it isn't clearly stated what the anti-student actions have been. Although in a story dated May 10, Chief Bryant gives an indication. "Bryant noted that students have complained about police harassment, but have been unable to cite specific examples of abuse. He contends the students are most upset about police enforcement of drug laws, most of them relating to the use of marijuana. Campus police have lately paid more attention to marijuana violations than in the past - there were 52 arrests in 2005, compared with 12 in 2004. Do those increased numbers reflect a greater degree of repressive activity on the part of police? Hardly, said Bryant."

Bryant is correct in that assertion. Enforcing laws isn't repression. But it seems highly unlikely that people are just concerned with their stash being confiscated. The whole story isn't available, but unless the students organizing the militia have been arrested for drug possession, Bryant's claim that increasing enforcement of marijuana laws seems to be put out to marginalize the students as some kind of dopers who are only concerned about losing their drugs.

Considering that New Paltz has been characterized as a hippie haven, it boggles the mind that "'...the majority of complaints we get that result in arrests come from their fellow students,' Bryant said." Dopers turning in dopers?! Doesn't seem logical does it? But then again, there's always someone to back up the police claim. "Lynne Walsh, a junior at the college, echoed many of Bryant's assertions yesterday, saying 'a majority of students here just think it's a really dumb idea.' If it's all about a handful of students who just want to get publicity, why treat the calls for a militia seriously? 'Because, unfortunately, it can draw individuals - fanatical individuals. I'm taking it very seriously.'" There you have it. These people are fanatics. They must be quaking in fear at New Paltz. Guns in the hands of those who aren't experts are dangerous. The thought may spread to other places.

Places like SUNY Potsdam. Newswatch 50 in Watertown New York fears that happening. "Deidre Kelly, SUNY Potsdam's Acting Director of Public Affairs said she spent the day fielding calls about the militia proposal." And apparently not liking it either. Kelly believes that unarmed patrols would be fine, but guns are dangerous things and regular people can't be trusted to use them. "'So it's always best to keep firearms in the hands of professionals who are trained to use them,' Kelly said." Like this guy....

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Sunday, May 14, 2006

Message For Sen Kennedy?

Via Yahoo News. It appears Senator Kennedy's plane was struck by lightning yesterday afternoon. No one was injured in this Kennedy accident....

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Saturday, May 13, 2006

Price Increase

Yep, the CMP has raised the price of rifles again. See here. Still a bargain compared to the prices you'll find at most gun shows.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Considering Starting To Think About Considering...

possibly thinking about purchasing a gun for Sexy Girl. Meaning when I broached the subject of her learning to shoot, she didn't dismiss it out of hand this time. Now as I've said before, she's the daughter of a Philippine Army Reserve Colonel, therefore she's been in a house with guns before. She never shot the gun, or handled it, but she saw it quite a few times, and she stated that her father had used the gun on occasion when people tried to break into their home.

Think she'd be perfect for taking shooting, no? Well, no. She's bought into the "let 911 handle it mantra." Though as we've seen below, they aren't always able to be there right away. I suppose that she's seen the fun I've had when going shooting and perhaps might want to see what all the fuss is about. She's not said anything about the guns I've already purchased and I really don't tell her much either.

I've done some research about smaller handguns and believe she'd probably be more comfortable with a 9mm or smaller caliber. I don't really know yet of course until I let her try what I have. Who knows, she might love the feel of a .357 in her hand. I've heard that women shoot better than men, perhaps she'll like a large caliber gun.

S'w'anyway during my search for "mousegun" info I came across this resource: "" It seems to be a veritable treasure trove of info on smaller caliber guns. I think I might spend a few hours there gathering more information. I wonder if I could find a pink gun for her....

The Gun Blogs

Here's a relatively new site about guns: The Gun Blogs. Owned and operated by Say Uncle.

Anyone can post and you can link to your own website. You actually don't even need a website to participate. Take a look.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Field Scope

Here's an interesting little item I found at Ross yesterday. I generally don't have anything to spot with when I shoot in the desert so I threw it in the cart. The scope came with two lenses, one a 20x and the other a 30x. The instructions said best use was for spotting objects over thirty-five yards away. The instructions weren't lying. It definitely isn't for close up work.

Unfortunately it seems that it's a little too flimsy for heavy duty spotting, although the lenses give good enough magnification for the types of distances I shoot. The scope's lack of weight allows it to move when trying to site a target, and because it's relatively small, you completely lose the object if you jostle it. The attached tripod keeps the scope steady when untouched but if you touch it you've lost your target. The field of vision isn't very large either. When I sighted in a tire about fifty yards away, the tire was just about the only thing I could see.

As a little scope to fit into my range bag and plink in the desert, it'll do the job. If I get into more serious shooting, then it's definitely not something to put on a shooting bench. Of course it's plastic and light therefore inherently not much more than a toy, but it only cost $7.99 so I'll get enough use out of it to justify the price.

Monday, May 08, 2006

Me Too Says Joe Biden

Failed presidential candidate John Kerry spoke to a firefighter's union about being "troubled" by the nomination of General Hayden to lead the CIA, as seen below. At the end of the story, we see that Sen Joe Biden of Delaware also feels "troubled" by said nomination. "Sen. Joseph Biden, a Democrat from Delaware and another presidential hopeful, also was scheduled to address the union Monday."

With the Senator's well known penchant for pinching other people's speeches, we wonder if the firefighters will really care to sit through two failed presidential candidate John Kerry speeches?

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America To John Kerry...America To John Kerry...

Failed presidential candidate John Kerry apparently doesn't like President Bush's appointee to lead the CIA. Yahoo News reports that failed presidential candidate John Kerry is "troubled" by the nomination. What failed presidential candidate John Kerry doesn't seem to realize is that America doesn't care what he thinks.

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Carnival Of Cordite!

Carnival of Cordite is up at Resistance Is Futile!


Looks like Mauser.Girl has a new design. Take a look.

Missing Blog?

Looks like Trigger Finger is gone. Can't bring up the site. Musta gone the way of many blogs, he's said he has been busy. Probably doesn't have time to blog anymore.

Truth Laid Bear Ecosystem Updated

Great. NZ Bear just updated The Truth Laid Bear. Expect more ecosystem changes....

Pssst, Wanna Increase Your Blog Ranking?

Join The 101st Fighting Keyboardists! This new unit is dedicated to supporting the war in Iraq and Afghanistan. Their target: the America hating leftists and the Enemy Press. This great idea is the product of Captain Ed at Captain's Quarters, Frank J of IMAO, and Derek Brigham of Freedom Dogs.

You get to help the war effort and irritate leftists! How much more fun could you want? Plus you get this hot new badge for your sidebar.

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Added To The Blogroll

Check out Hillary Needs A Vacation. Also stop by Near The Salty City. Don't miss And You Thought YOU Were Cranky?

Well written blogs with some gun goodness too!

Friday, May 05, 2006

Pot Say Kettle Not Clean Enough

The Turtle Bay Tyranny Society is once more trying to ferret out possible evildoing the US is committing against its thug friends. "The U.N. Committee Against Torture asked U.S. officials about a series of issues ranging from Washington's interpretation of a global ban on torture to its interrogation methods in prisons such as Abu Ghraib, Iraq, and Guantanamo Bay, Cuba."

The smarmy UN representative chairing the meeting, Andreas Mavrommatis of Cyprus, stated, "'If during intelligence activities there is a violation of the convention, it's our duty to investigate them and your duty to answer.'" OK pal, here's your answer: we'll tell you want you want to know right after you explain the kickbacks, oil for food program, the rapes in Congo and various and sundry items your crews are involved in around the globe. We await your answer...and wait...and wait...and wait....

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Hollywood Halfwits Case # 51679464854975618944....

It appears that some starlet named Nicole Richie feels she's too thin. And according to Enemy Press Network CNN she's seeking professional help.

Hey dummy: eat more, exercise less. That'll be $500....

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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Don't Buy A Gun, Call 911...

From the Civilian Gun Self-Defense Blog. One of the usual tactics of the gun fearing squad is that you don't need to defend yourself, just call 911 to protect you. Well, it seems that a little old lady did just that, but she also got out her .357.

"Law enforcement officers arrived at the 80-year-old woman's cabin 15 miles up the East Fork of the Bitterroot River near Springer Memorial more than an hour after she called 911 to report the alleged intruder, 42-year-old Jerry D. Gensamer." Yes, more than one hour after calling. Fortunately for the woman the intruder didn't harm her and she never used the gun, but imagine what Gensamer could have done to her if he wanted to and she was unarmed.

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Carnival Of Cordite!

The latest edition of Carnival Of Cordite is up at Spank That Donkey.

Monday, May 01, 2006

May 1: International Victims Of Communism Day

May Day, the day that communist regimes proudly parade their military might for the world to see. Fortunately for the world, not too many of these murderous regimes exist. Unfortunately for the world, there are too many people who wish they did, and would gladly impose its criminal ideology on humanity again.

Many people just don't understand the hellish lives people lead under this totalitarian system. Communism is responsible for over 100 million deaths in the last century. Of course, the vast majority of people never hear this. We are all rightly shown the evils of Nazism, yet the evils of Communism aren't as well known, although that ideology was more deadly and long lasting. In fact, Communism and Communists are given sympathetic coverage even today.

The list is long and dishonorable.

Let's start with the granddaddy of all cheerleaders. The New York Times and Walter Duranty. Duranty won a Pulitzer for stories about the USSR. Even the Times itself posted an acknowlegement that his reporting whitewashed the collectivization and Stalin-made famine in Ukraine. How many deaths did Duranty and the Times fawning coverage cause? There's no way to know.

Certain politicians have also helped the cause of communism. Some by openly lying about American atrocities against communist troops or by claiming that a communist takeover wouldn't cause any major bloodletting.

The denizens of Hollywood also coddle and lionize mass murderers, as long as they're communists. Buffoons like Harry Belafonte, half-witted models like Naomi Campbell, overrated stars like Kevin Costner and other "useless idiots" line up on bended knee at the church of Castro. Has the support of these so-called opinion leaders helped Castro stay in power? If so, how many lives have been ended because their support allows this thug regime to continue?

International ANSWER (no link will be posted) and other groups willingly try, of course unsuccessfully, to impose a communist regime where ever they operate. Take a look at the anti-war demonstrations and see how many of them are organized by anti-freedom and anti-American groups. They would see a mass murdering government replace the Republic.

So, instead of letting the Communists have May Day, let's make May first "International Victims Of Communism Day." Support groups such as Victims Of Communism and their drive to create a memorial to the millions put to death by Communist regimes. Donate Here. You can donate by PayPal or by mail. The Memorial will be located in sight of the US Capitol. No government money is needed if donors will bear the full cost. Make a donation today and help the fight against the whitewash of Communist crimes.

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A Great Day To...

Protest this: May 1 Illegal Alien Boycott Day. Howse about a trip to WalMart to buck up the economy? Perhaps load up on ammo....

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