Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Armstrong Clean, French Lose Again! (What Else Is New?) reports an AP story that a Dutch investigator's report clears Lance Armstrong of doping allegations by the whiny French after he became the greatest Tour De France cyclist ever seen. The report by Emile Vrijman said "no proper records were kept of the samples, there had been no 'chain of custody' guaranteeing their integrity, and no way of knowing whether the samples had been 'spiked' with banned substances."

Predictably, the leader of WADA, the World Anti-Doping Agency, Dick Pound, (I'll bet he does) decried the truth as presented. "'Whether the samples were positive or not, I don't know how a Dutch lawyer with no expertise came to a conclusion that one of the leading laboratories in the world messed up on the analysis. To say Armstrong is totally exonerated seems strange,' Pound said." How about because they were all jealous? They continued to cry, "'WADA continues to stress its concern that an investigation into the matter must consider all aspects - not limited to how the damaging information regarding athletes' urine samples became public, but also addressing the question of whether anti-doping rules were violated by athletes,' the statement said." Yeah, well let's forget about us and look at our false claims again....

Sorry France and those who hate Armstrong. You lied and you lost. Isn't it time you surrendered?

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