Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Field Scope

Here's an interesting little item I found at Ross yesterday. I generally don't have anything to spot with when I shoot in the desert so I threw it in the cart. The scope came with two lenses, one a 20x and the other a 30x. The instructions said best use was for spotting objects over thirty-five yards away. The instructions weren't lying. It definitely isn't for close up work.

Unfortunately it seems that it's a little too flimsy for heavy duty spotting, although the lenses give good enough magnification for the types of distances I shoot. The scope's lack of weight allows it to move when trying to site a target, and because it's relatively small, you completely lose the object if you jostle it. The attached tripod keeps the scope steady when untouched but if you touch it you've lost your target. The field of vision isn't very large either. When I sighted in a tire about fifty yards away, the tire was just about the only thing I could see.

As a little scope to fit into my range bag and plink in the desert, it'll do the job. If I get into more serious shooting, then it's definitely not something to put on a shooting bench. Of course it's plastic and light therefore inherently not much more than a toy, but it only cost $7.99 so I'll get enough use out of it to justify the price.