Thursday, June 29, 2006

House Dem Leadership Celebrates Terrorist Court Victory

One of the most outrageous America Haters in Congress, the House Democratic Leader, Nancy Pelosi, has declared the Dem party is fully backing the terrorists in their war on our freedom. Upon hearing about today's Supreme Court ruling that murderous thugs can't be tried by military tribunals, this deranged Dem leader rushed out a statement joyously supporting the Court's decision.

In her own traitorous words: "Today’s Supreme Court decision reaffirms the American ideal that all are entitled to the basic guarantees of our justice system. This is a triumph for the rule of law." Sorry thug lover. No one outside of America, and especially not illegal combatants, is entitled to any constitutional protections.

“The rights ofdue (sic) process are among our most cherished liberties, and today’s decision is a rebuke of the Bush Administration’s detainee policiesand (sic) a reminder of our responsibility to protect both the American people and our Constitutional rights. We cannot allow the values on which our country was founded to become a casualty in the war on terrorism." Source: their own website.

And how would this apply to terrorists? The Constitution does not apply to outsiders trying to destroy our country! They don't care. It is clear the deranged Dem leadership supports the terrorists instead of the country their swore to protect in their oaths of office. They have sided with the enemy and have become part and parcel of the effort to destroy us. By these words it must now be clear to all Americans that these people are unfit and unworthy to ever lead this country again. We cannot afford to empower those who would gladly see us destroyed if it could ensure their hold on power.

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It Was Nice While It Lasted....

America, you almost made it! Sadly, the great experiment in freedom is over. Today the enemies within on the Supreme Court gave away our freedom and indeed, perhaps our very existence.

The Enemy Press AP reports through that so-called "Justices" John Paul Stevens, David Souter, Ginsburg, and Breyer declared America has no right to defend herself from terrorists. "The Supreme Court ruled Thursday that President Bush overstepped his authority in ordering military war crimes trials for Guantanamo Bay detainees, saying in a strong rebuke that the trials were illegal under U.S. and international law."

This is an outrageous ruling which only protects our enemies and their supporters in and outside this country and government. US law does not cover these murderous, illegal combatants in any way, shape, or form. International law does not apply to these creatures. They were captured out of uniform on a battlefield while attacking US forces. Anyone who would claim they have any rights is the enemy as much as these evildoers are. They are granted no rights and no quarter. It's only our benevolence that keeps them from being summarily shot upon capture!

See the laughable opinion of one of these who hates America: "'Trial by military commission raises separation-of-powers concerns of the highest order,' Kennedy wrote in his opinion. 'Concentration of power (in the executive branch) puts personal liberty in peril of arbitrary action by officials, an incursion the Constitution's three-part system is designed to avoid.'" We are not talking about Americans here "Justice" Kennedy, these are murderous thugs willing to kill all of us if we do not submit to their hate filled ideology! Separation of powers belongs to the society we live in, it is not extended to those who attack us without following the rules of war that you and your malicious ilk seem to be so in love with. All actions towards our terrorist enemies are by nature to be arbitrary! They are granted nothing by any laws of war! They are not covered by our Constitution! Are you that dense, or are you the enemy?

Malefactors and their supporters in all branches of government must be removed immediately no matter their status. We will never survive as a nation unless and until those who hate America and work against her best interests are removed from their seats of power.

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Truth In Advertising

I felt like eating some fruit today. As I was perusing the offerings at the local A&P, I found some nectarines at a good price. As I examined them however, I noticed that they were rather small and soft. They also were bruised and had rot throughout. Then I noticed the sign. They were tagged "Large European."

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Monday, June 26, 2006

Idiot Headline Of The Day

The Enemy Press AP does it again.... The Corpus Christi Caller-Times website posts this story from the AP: "Wars force Army equipment costs to triple."

Gee, ya think?

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Hollywood Will Probably Be Out In Force For This...

EOnline posts a story about the end of Moose, the Jack Russell Terrier who played a role on Frasier, as Martin Crane's dog, Eddie.

Expect eulogies and comments about how much the dog will be missed by Hollywood. Many will surely mourn for the passing of an animal, for soldiers, not so much....

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How About Some Levity?

Take a look at this from Yahoo News: "Handheld device will help the blind read."

Yeah, it's called a "book."


Rob Smith the Acidman was found dead this morning at home. Condolences to his family.

Chicago Restaurant Employee Gunned Down reports that a KFC employee was murdered by a robber on Chicago's South Side Sunday evening.

Apparently there's a manhunt on in the city. Considering the draconian gun laws in the city and state, perhaps the search should begin at the mayor's office or a police station. After all, they're the only ones allowed to have a gun aren't they?

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Sunday, June 25, 2006

Billionaire Gives Charity To Billionaire

This is a joke, right? Agence France Presse (Via Yahoo) reports that Billionaire Warren Buffett plans to give away over 80% of his fortune to charity. Unfortunately for the poor, it's going to Billionaire Bill Gates! Well, not directly, but it's going to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

The money would be better spent by giving it to poor bloggers instead....

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Here's One Gun The Leftists Want To Keep

The Enemy Press BBC reports that a South African communist with a murderous former wife buried a gun over forty years ago before being tried and imprisoned.

It appears a perfectly good Bulgarian Makarov was given to former South African president, Nelson Mandela, "by an Ethiopian army officer when he was undergoing military training in Addis Ababa." The gun had been forgotten until recently when, after a visit to the farm where the ANC was formed, Mandela asked if had ever been found.

Funny isn't it? If you or I wanted to have a gun, leftists and others of that ilk screech and complain and call us thugs and other things, but they want to create a shrine to this gun. According to an Enemy Press Reuters story "If found, the gun will become part of a planned learning center to be established at Liliesleaf, said Nicholas Wolpe, who founded the Liliesleaf Trust to preserve the farm as an historic site." How about we take that gun and do to it what the UN wants to do to all our guns....

photo copyright UN

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Saturday, June 24, 2006

Activist Judge Rules He's The One To Decide....

Enemy Press outlet Reuters reports on a successful attempt by the misnamed ACLU to force the government to decide if a terrorist apologist should be allowed into the US.

Misguided or enemy sympathizer? "U.S. District Judge Paul Crotty granted a request by the American Civil Liberties Union to force a decision on the visa request from renowned Swiss theologian Tariq Ramadan, who has been barred from U.S. entry since 2004 and has waited more than nine months for a response to his latest application." It seems rather funny doesn't it that the court inserts itself into something that's not it's purview?

Where is this court's authority to rule on something that no one outside the US has the right to? Here's more foolishness or something else from the mouth of this judge. "Crotty called the government's explanations on why it had delayed a decision on Ramadan's latest application 'less than convincing' and mocked its claims that Ramadan had not been excluded entry over concerns he espoused terrorism." No one has a right to enter this country. Perhaps the government would have been better served by just denying his application and let that be the end of it. Unfortunately, the fact they didn't allowed the enemy supporting ACLU to find a sympathetic judge to force America to justify - to the satisfaction of those who hate America - who gets in and why.

It's not the business of any court to determine who may or may not enter this country. There are too many people who hate this country who would use any method they can to undermine our way of life. Sometimes they claim to be on our side, and sometimes they don't. During wartime, it's not the job of anyone except the executive branch to determine who's eligible to enter this country. We can't and shouldn't let in anyone who desires too, especially at this time.

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Goldwater Ruckus

As usual, the Enemy Press sensationalizes an apparent anti-immigrant statement by someone who doesn't believe in amnesty. Via Yahoo News.

Don Goldwater, nephew of Barry Goldwater, seems to have made a statement that captured illegal aliens should be made to build the wall planned to stymie the current invasion from South of the Border.

Other great bloggers have already covered this story. See Guy's take.

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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Carnival Of Cordite!

The latest issue of Carnival of Cordite is up at Spank That Donkey!

Monday, June 19, 2006

Received This E-Mail

I received this e-mail today.


George Phillips of Meridian, Mississippi was going up to bed when his wife told him that he'd left the light on in the garden shed, which she could see from the bedroom window.

George opened the back door to go turn off the light, but saw that there were people in the shed stealing things. He phoned the police, who asked "Is someone in your house?" and he said "no". Then they said that all patrols were busy, and that he should simply lock his door and an officer would be along when available. George said, "Okay," hung up, counted to 30, and phoned the police again.

"Hello, I just called you a few seconds ago because there were people in my shed. Well, you don't have to worry about them now cause I've just shot them all." Then he hung up.

Within five minutes three police cars, an Armed Response unit, and an ambulance showed up at the Phillips residence and caught the burglars red-handed. One of the Policemen said to George: "I thought you said that you'd shot them!" George said, "I thought you said there was nobody available!"

Here's my response:

Forget step one, proceed immediately to step two. Or choose option "SSS." Shoot, shovel, and shut up.

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Visitor 10,000

Sitemeter shows the 10,000th visitor was...unknown. Typical. Looks like someone from the Kansas area? Visitor was here around 11 pm Sunday night Pacific time. Left no comments of course....

Friday, June 16, 2006

Guy's Sore Mouth

GuyK at Just Charming had a tooth pulled. Boy does it hurt.

Guy, here's a little story to help soothe the pain.

A long-winded pastor had such bad teeth he decided to have them all pulled and get dentures. After he recuperated he preached the next Sunday. He cut his usual hour long sermon to fifteen minutes. The next week he had a thirty minute sermon. The next week his sermon was two hours long! He apologized to his parishioners and explained that the first week he couldn't talk very long because his mouth still hurt from the surgery, the second week he had to cut his sermon because his new dentures were bothering him and this week he put in his wife's dentures by mistake and couldn't stop talking!

Makes you feel all better don't it!

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Enemy Press, Democrats, Insurgents Demoralized

The Enemy Press AP somberly reports the success of the coalition in reducing the power of the insurgency, according to the Tucson Citizen.

"A document purportedly captured in an al-Qaida hideout portrays the insurgency in Iraq as being in 'bleak' shape, saying that it is losing strength and proposing ways to stir up trouble between the U.S. and Iran to divert American attention." Of course using the American and Western media to help deliver stories helpful to Al-Qaida is a given. How, you ask? By paras like these: "There was no way to confirm the authenticity of the information attributed to al-Qaida, and U.S. and Iraqi officials offered conflicting accounts of when and where it was seized." Typical Enemy Press tactic, cast doubt on the Coalition side of the story and print as fact what the terrorists say.

All of this information crushes the seditious talk from anti-American leftists and Senators. We can now clearly see the truth about the "quagmire" people like the deranged Democrat party leadership spouts through its mouthpieces. "The al-Qaida document said its insurgency was being hurt by an increase in U.S.-trained Iraqi forces, by widespread arrests and seizures of weapons, and by a crackdown on financial outlets." Being hurt and destroyed by our troops and increasingly by the Iraqis themselves. Oh the horror at the DNC when Z-Man was killed! They are weeping for their friends and now are powerless to stop their complete destruction.

Expect to see calls for cutting and running from the faithless Dem leadership increase as the toll on insurgent forces grows. They already have their dead-enders in the Senate voting for pulling out the troops. Care to guess who? Here's a Pajamas Media story on the vote.

The death of Zarqwawi led to a treasure trove of documents and information on the insurgent forces. It should be good news, yet the usual suspects are in mourning instead.

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Castro Junior Says Cuba To Remain Commieland...

Until he's hanged of course.

Cuba's number two Castro is the heir apparent to number one killer Fidel according to this story by the Enemy Press AP.

Because Fidel is supposedly such a charismatic leader, it seems that whoever comes after him will have a hard time living up to his iconic, murderous character. The accompanying photo shows a doddering old man who's been weakened by years of killing and other debauched activities. Fidel has the beard.

"Raul Castro, the island's defense minister and designated successor of his 79-year-old brother, dismissed claims that Cuba's political system would change dramatically after his brother is no longer president, saying the party would quickly fill any political vacuum." Unfortunately for Raul, history has a way of playing games with heir apparents. That's why they're called "apparent." When Fidel finally finds himself in Hell, Raul will then be in the position to find out if he really has "the loyalty of the nation's top generals, giving him control over as many as 50,000 active troops and firepower...." Many times once a tyrant has died, those who expect power don't get it. How long before some general decides he should be the one to lead the nation? Prospects of an uncivil war loom large in Cuba's future. Wouldn't it be ironic if a general named Batista came out on top?

As the blood soaked Fidel slides further away from life to the pit, we may be witness to a free for all as various minor thugs try to wrest away power from the Castro family. Perhaps Raul will achieve his aim to supplant his brother, or we may be able to enjoy the prospects of another "Year of Four Emperors." Unfortunately, the Cuban people won't.

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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

June 14, 1775

The United States Army has battled foes on behalf of America and freedom for 231 years.

Want to join?

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Flag Day

Some may not respect the flag in America, even in high places. However, here at Ah, Shoot! we do.

For flag history and etiquette visit The US Flag

For more info on American history visit

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Monday, June 12, 2006

Kim Du Toit's Latest Venture

Kim Du Toit has started an internet shooting show. Here's the website and it can be seen on The Shooting Channel of StreamingOutdoors.

Gun Auctions

Registered at a gun auction site to set up a watch list. Found two items, a Universal Carbine which passed the amount I would pay for one, and this item: A model 1898 Krag. Looks very good and has accessories too. Unfortunately for me, it's gone out of my price range.

Well, the Krag ammo is too pricy anyway... /sour grapes

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Be Still My Heart....

Ah, forget it. It's a Universal....

Enemy Press AP Shills For Terrorists

"Ex-detainees: 'No hope' at Guantanamo"

The AP posts a story at the St Petersburg Times decrying the conditions at Guantanamo Bay desperately trying to get the perfectly legal and moral camp closed. The story follows three British "youths" who tell their story of confinement in a new propaganda film "Road to Guantanamo." The Enemy Press wants you to feel sorry for the trio and plays up their feelings of hopelessness. "'There is no hope in Guantanamo. The only thing that goes through your mind day after day is how to get justice or how to kill yourself,' Rasul, 29, who waged a hunger strike at the camp to protest alleged beatings, said Saturday. 'It is the despair - not the thought of martyrdom - that consumes you there.'" I wonder if they thought of that before they went to a war zone?

The subject of the recent suicides intrudes as the AP gets back to their main thrust of demonizing the camp and by extension, the president. "The deaths could prove a turning point for the camp, which has become a legal conundrum for the U.S., with rights groups and leaders like British Prime Minister Tony Blair calling for its closure. The U.S. military has been accused of prisoner abuses and heavy-handed interrogations that have led to a string of hunger strikes and suicide attempts among detainees." Of course, all of the "accusations" are from former residents of the camps and those who support them. None of the allegations have ever been proven. Because they aren't true.

Predictably the three unlucky men repeat the already debunked lies. "At the camp, the men say they were beaten and saw troops throw Qurans in the toilet. They also say they were forced to watch videotapes of prisoners who had allegedly been ordered to sodomize each other and were chained to a hook in the floor while strobe lights flashed and heavy metal music blared. The allegations, some of which are dramatized in the film, are part of a lawsuit against the United States seeking $10 million each in damages." Yup, repeating lies and making up "dramatizations" to aid their Islamist allies still detained in Gitmo.

Same old, same old for the AP and their friends. They can't win on the battlefield so they resort to propaganda to sap the will to fight. Treasonous, traitorous scum.

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Z-Man's Replacement Killer

From Hot Air:

"Abu Hamza al-Muhajer is the new leader of AQ in Iraq. No one seems to know who he is...."

No one knows him, eh? Perhaps he's not real, a strawman... but wait, here's a picture from his first news conference....

Here's their first hostage to prove it....

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Huh? Union Leader Sees The Light?

WWJBD? (What would JimmyB do?)

Enemy Press outlet Reuters reports that UAW President Gettelfinger (is that get the finger, or give the finger?) is apparently shocking the world by announcing that "'The challenges we face aren't the kind that can be ridden out. They're structural challenges and they require new and farsighted solutions,' UAW President Gettelfinger said in his report to a union convention that convenes on Monday and will elect a new leadership team." You mean a union leader doesn't think the solution to the automakers woes is to sweeten contracts or bribe the leadership?!

"Under Gettelfinger, who is expected to be easily re-elected to another term as president, the UAW has shown a willingness to negotiate cost-cutting deals that U.S. auto executives say are needed to stave off deeper financial problems." Isn't it amazing that just to understand that the same old business model won't work anymore is to be considered "farsighted" today? Perhaps that's been the bulk of the union's membership problems for the past decade or more. Nineteenth and twentieth century labor activity will have to change with the times. Bullheaded thinking and stubborn refusal to change with the times has hurt the unions. Continuing to insist on old style contracts and free healthcare is going to bankrupt companies and result in the loss of all benefits to members and retirees. It appears that Gettelfinger has noticed.

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Terrorist Death Fallout Predictions

The Enemy Press BBC posted a story about the followers of former terrorist Z-man claiming they would "launch 'major attacks' to avenge the death of leader Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, a web statement thought to be from the group has said. The attacks would 'shake the enemy from its sleep', the statement said."

So far nothing major. Perhaps this is what they meant. That's right, a neighborhood attack with a few mortar shots and some gunfire. The Enemy Press ridiculed the "shock and awe" campaign during the initial invasion of Iraq. If these kind of attacks are what the "major attacks" will be, surely the press will laugh about the weakness of the response to the terrorist leader's demise? Well, not likely, the Enemy Press won't do anything that would hurt the activities of their friends would they?

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Hate-Filled Harry Reid To Resign? reports an Enemy Press AP story that failed Senate minority leader and Nevada's worst embarrassment Harry Reid will apparently resign. See, look at the headline: "Reid calls for more intelligence oversight." The only way we could get more intelligence in oversight is by the unesteemed Senator leaving office.... Oh wait, he means something else. Trying to butt into the province of the executive.

Unfortunately for him and fortunately for America, his plans will go nowhere. No matter how much Hate-Filled Harry and the other extremist anti-American Dem leadership wants to believe they speak for the country, the voters keep saying otherwise. So to convince themselves they are relevant and the true leaders of the country, they must gather at the most extreme moonbat Kos-sucker hate America festival recently held in Las Vegas. And the power of these people? How about zero for twenty races? That's right, the group that Reid, Boxer and that ilk went to pander to have been completely ineffectual at actually getting someone elected! If these congressional clowns thinks that's mainstream, then they're in for a long election night for many years to come.

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Sunday, June 11, 2006

Well That Was A Complete Waste Of Time

Took a ride today to scout out a cooler weather outdoor shooting venue. Parts Unknown has a nearby mountain that is generally twenty degrees cooler than in town. Every place was either posted no shooting, or was unaccessible by car. It appears that shooting may wait until fall to resume.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Be Still My Heart....

Found something. Something I've been considering for a while now. Developing....

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Open Letter To The DNC, The Enemy Press And Terrorists

Sincere condolences on the loss of your friend, loved one, and brother of the same father, the late Abu Z. We at Ah, Shoot! feel your pain, we...we really do. I'm sure the loss of your hero is as keenly felt to you as it must sting the families of our military personnel who made the ultimate sacrifice in Iraq and Afghanistan on our behalf.

Let it not be said that those of us in America on the side of its people aren't respectful of the feelings of those in America on the side of its enemies. Ah, Shoot! wants those who hate America and its God-fearing President to know that we do care about you and your feelings. Rest assured we harbor no ill will towards...Ah, Shoot! forget it....

HA HA!! Z-Man's dead!!! Nyah, nyah, nyah!!!

Must be a bleak day in Howard Dean's office. The extremist hate-filled anti-American Democrat party leadership is in seclusion trying to figure out how they can take the credit for bringing down a vicious terrorist. Sorry Enemy Press, your boy's dead and gone, no more killing for him, no more gushing headlines for you! Too bad terrorists, your now headless body may squirm and lash out, but it's only your death throes. You're doomed, doomed! Hell's waiting for you all the same as it waited for Z-Man. You're done.

Today is a signal day for America, Iraq, and those who oppose terrorists everywhere. And there's nothing the other side can do about it!

Monday, June 05, 2006

Just Missed!

Relatives are in town for a few days and I broached the possibility of a shooting session. Brother in law was OK with the idea, but stated it would be too difficult to get up the nephew before the heat in Parts Unknown became unbearable for outdoors shooting. Oh well, maybe next time....

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Vacation Thought

Here's a post from the Fast Squirrel about Memorial Day. Funny thing here: "Some of my earliest memories were of Memorial Day. I grew up on a farm five miles outside of a very small town in Iowa. Every year, that small town would have a memorial service at the Baptist church. Following an opening prayer, a student from the elementary school would recite the Gettysburg Address... from memory. It was an honor to be chosen for the recitation. We sang patriotic hymns, including the Battle Hymn of the Republic."

The recent blogging hiatus was to attend my niece's graduation in Des Moines. Indeed, even now the Battle Hymn of the Republic is standard fare for public gatherings in that city. I imagine that the ACLU and others of that ilk would be apopleptic if they knew what was being sung. The choral group even sang the verse about Jesus dying to make men holy. And not a hint of irony or sarcasm in the group. In fact, contrary to what many so called sophisticate coasters believe, the people of that area come from many ethnic groups. There's no monolithic white society there. No one objected to the playing of the piece.

The whole episode just re-inforces the feelings that those out of touch with reality are not those in America who have a faith and act on it, but those who claim to be reality based. Their reality is based on the lie that America is evil, that supporting the troops means denigrating their service, that church going people are bigots while those who would destroy the church are heroes, that any immoral act, perversion, and criminality is good if it would ruin our common Judeo-Christian culture. No, sadly, they are wrong, but they will keep at it until they apparently will need to be forcibly stopped. Unfortunately for them, they don't have the guns....