Thursday, June 15, 2006

Castro Junior Says Cuba To Remain Commieland...

Until he's hanged of course.

Cuba's number two Castro is the heir apparent to number one killer Fidel according to this story by the Enemy Press AP.

Because Fidel is supposedly such a charismatic leader, it seems that whoever comes after him will have a hard time living up to his iconic, murderous character. The accompanying photo shows a doddering old man who's been weakened by years of killing and other debauched activities. Fidel has the beard.

"Raul Castro, the island's defense minister and designated successor of his 79-year-old brother, dismissed claims that Cuba's political system would change dramatically after his brother is no longer president, saying the party would quickly fill any political vacuum." Unfortunately for Raul, history has a way of playing games with heir apparents. That's why they're called "apparent." When Fidel finally finds himself in Hell, Raul will then be in the position to find out if he really has "the loyalty of the nation's top generals, giving him control over as many as 50,000 active troops and firepower...." Many times once a tyrant has died, those who expect power don't get it. How long before some general decides he should be the one to lead the nation? Prospects of an uncivil war loom large in Cuba's future. Wouldn't it be ironic if a general named Batista came out on top?

As the blood soaked Fidel slides further away from life to the pit, we may be witness to a free for all as various minor thugs try to wrest away power from the Castro family. Perhaps Raul will achieve his aim to supplant his brother, or we may be able to enjoy the prospects of another "Year of Four Emperors." Unfortunately, the Cuban people won't.

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