Monday, June 12, 2006

Enemy Press AP Shills For Terrorists

"Ex-detainees: 'No hope' at Guantanamo"

The AP posts a story at the St Petersburg Times decrying the conditions at Guantanamo Bay desperately trying to get the perfectly legal and moral camp closed. The story follows three British "youths" who tell their story of confinement in a new propaganda film "Road to Guantanamo." The Enemy Press wants you to feel sorry for the trio and plays up their feelings of hopelessness. "'There is no hope in Guantanamo. The only thing that goes through your mind day after day is how to get justice or how to kill yourself,' Rasul, 29, who waged a hunger strike at the camp to protest alleged beatings, said Saturday. 'It is the despair - not the thought of martyrdom - that consumes you there.'" I wonder if they thought of that before they went to a war zone?

The subject of the recent suicides intrudes as the AP gets back to their main thrust of demonizing the camp and by extension, the president. "The deaths could prove a turning point for the camp, which has become a legal conundrum for the U.S., with rights groups and leaders like British Prime Minister Tony Blair calling for its closure. The U.S. military has been accused of prisoner abuses and heavy-handed interrogations that have led to a string of hunger strikes and suicide attempts among detainees." Of course, all of the "accusations" are from former residents of the camps and those who support them. None of the allegations have ever been proven. Because they aren't true.

Predictably the three unlucky men repeat the already debunked lies. "At the camp, the men say they were beaten and saw troops throw Qurans in the toilet. They also say they were forced to watch videotapes of prisoners who had allegedly been ordered to sodomize each other and were chained to a hook in the floor while strobe lights flashed and heavy metal music blared. The allegations, some of which are dramatized in the film, are part of a lawsuit against the United States seeking $10 million each in damages." Yup, repeating lies and making up "dramatizations" to aid their Islamist allies still detained in Gitmo.

Same old, same old for the AP and their friends. They can't win on the battlefield so they resort to propaganda to sap the will to fight. Treasonous, traitorous scum.

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