Thursday, June 15, 2006

Enemy Press, Democrats, Insurgents Demoralized

The Enemy Press AP somberly reports the success of the coalition in reducing the power of the insurgency, according to the Tucson Citizen.

"A document purportedly captured in an al-Qaida hideout portrays the insurgency in Iraq as being in 'bleak' shape, saying that it is losing strength and proposing ways to stir up trouble between the U.S. and Iran to divert American attention." Of course using the American and Western media to help deliver stories helpful to Al-Qaida is a given. How, you ask? By paras like these: "There was no way to confirm the authenticity of the information attributed to al-Qaida, and U.S. and Iraqi officials offered conflicting accounts of when and where it was seized." Typical Enemy Press tactic, cast doubt on the Coalition side of the story and print as fact what the terrorists say.

All of this information crushes the seditious talk from anti-American leftists and Senators. We can now clearly see the truth about the "quagmire" people like the deranged Democrat party leadership spouts through its mouthpieces. "The al-Qaida document said its insurgency was being hurt by an increase in U.S.-trained Iraqi forces, by widespread arrests and seizures of weapons, and by a crackdown on financial outlets." Being hurt and destroyed by our troops and increasingly by the Iraqis themselves. Oh the horror at the DNC when Z-Man was killed! They are weeping for their friends and now are powerless to stop their complete destruction.

Expect to see calls for cutting and running from the faithless Dem leadership increase as the toll on insurgent forces grows. They already have their dead-enders in the Senate voting for pulling out the troops. Care to guess who? Here's a Pajamas Media story on the vote.

The death of Zarqwawi led to a treasure trove of documents and information on the insurgent forces. It should be good news, yet the usual suspects are in mourning instead.

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