Monday, June 12, 2006

Hate-Filled Harry Reid To Resign? reports an Enemy Press AP story that failed Senate minority leader and Nevada's worst embarrassment Harry Reid will apparently resign. See, look at the headline: "Reid calls for more intelligence oversight." The only way we could get more intelligence in oversight is by the unesteemed Senator leaving office.... Oh wait, he means something else. Trying to butt into the province of the executive.

Unfortunately for him and fortunately for America, his plans will go nowhere. No matter how much Hate-Filled Harry and the other extremist anti-American Dem leadership wants to believe they speak for the country, the voters keep saying otherwise. So to convince themselves they are relevant and the true leaders of the country, they must gather at the most extreme moonbat Kos-sucker hate America festival recently held in Las Vegas. And the power of these people? How about zero for twenty races? That's right, the group that Reid, Boxer and that ilk went to pander to have been completely ineffectual at actually getting someone elected! If these congressional clowns thinks that's mainstream, then they're in for a long election night for many years to come.

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