Sunday, June 25, 2006

Here's One Gun The Leftists Want To Keep

The Enemy Press BBC reports that a South African communist with a murderous former wife buried a gun over forty years ago before being tried and imprisoned.

It appears a perfectly good Bulgarian Makarov was given to former South African president, Nelson Mandela, "by an Ethiopian army officer when he was undergoing military training in Addis Ababa." The gun had been forgotten until recently when, after a visit to the farm where the ANC was formed, Mandela asked if had ever been found.

Funny isn't it? If you or I wanted to have a gun, leftists and others of that ilk screech and complain and call us thugs and other things, but they want to create a shrine to this gun. According to an Enemy Press Reuters story "If found, the gun will become part of a planned learning center to be established at Liliesleaf, said Nicholas Wolpe, who founded the Liliesleaf Trust to preserve the farm as an historic site." How about we take that gun and do to it what the UN wants to do to all our guns....

photo copyright UN

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