Monday, June 12, 2006

Huh? Union Leader Sees The Light?

WWJBD? (What would JimmyB do?)

Enemy Press outlet Reuters reports that UAW President Gettelfinger (is that get the finger, or give the finger?) is apparently shocking the world by announcing that "'The challenges we face aren't the kind that can be ridden out. They're structural challenges and they require new and farsighted solutions,' UAW President Gettelfinger said in his report to a union convention that convenes on Monday and will elect a new leadership team." You mean a union leader doesn't think the solution to the automakers woes is to sweeten contracts or bribe the leadership?!

"Under Gettelfinger, who is expected to be easily re-elected to another term as president, the UAW has shown a willingness to negotiate cost-cutting deals that U.S. auto executives say are needed to stave off deeper financial problems." Isn't it amazing that just to understand that the same old business model won't work anymore is to be considered "farsighted" today? Perhaps that's been the bulk of the union's membership problems for the past decade or more. Nineteenth and twentieth century labor activity will have to change with the times. Bullheaded thinking and stubborn refusal to change with the times has hurt the unions. Continuing to insist on old style contracts and free healthcare is going to bankrupt companies and result in the loss of all benefits to members and retirees. It appears that Gettelfinger has noticed.

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