Thursday, June 08, 2006

Open Letter To The DNC, The Enemy Press And Terrorists

Sincere condolences on the loss of your friend, loved one, and brother of the same father, the late Abu Z. We at Ah, Shoot! feel your pain, we...we really do. I'm sure the loss of your hero is as keenly felt to you as it must sting the families of our military personnel who made the ultimate sacrifice in Iraq and Afghanistan on our behalf.

Let it not be said that those of us in America on the side of its people aren't respectful of the feelings of those in America on the side of its enemies. Ah, Shoot! wants those who hate America and its God-fearing President to know that we do care about you and your feelings. Rest assured we harbor no ill will towards...Ah, Shoot! forget it....

HA HA!! Z-Man's dead!!! Nyah, nyah, nyah!!!

Must be a bleak day in Howard Dean's office. The extremist hate-filled anti-American Democrat party leadership is in seclusion trying to figure out how they can take the credit for bringing down a vicious terrorist. Sorry Enemy Press, your boy's dead and gone, no more killing for him, no more gushing headlines for you! Too bad terrorists, your now headless body may squirm and lash out, but it's only your death throes. You're doomed, doomed! Hell's waiting for you all the same as it waited for Z-Man. You're done.

Today is a signal day for America, Iraq, and those who oppose terrorists everywhere. And there's nothing the other side can do about it!