Monday, July 31, 2006

Bolton Obstructed By Dems Again

Enemy Press Reuters reports that the Senate Foreign Relations Committee has delayed a vote on John Bolton's appointment as our Ambassador to the Turtle Bay Tyranny Society.

Because the Republicans control the Senate, the minority Democrats don't have the votes to force a delay. Who on the Republican side backed their call? The story doesn't indicate, however, it does show that the Democrats cannot be trusted with the levers of power. Ambassador Bolton has shown himself a strong defender of the United States and he clearly states the problems in the Middle East are caused by terrorist groups, not Israel. Harry Reid, the incompetent Minority Leader, has no clue that the job of the ambassador is to represent our views, not the enemy's. "A spokesman for Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid of Nevada said Democrats will decide after the committee vote on whether to work again to block Bolton's confirmation, as they did successfully last year." Bizarre. Perhaps his deranged Bush hatred is clouding his judgment. Unfortunately for Hater Harry's dreams, it appears that a former opponent, Sen Schumer of New York now sees that Bolton is right for the job. "Sen. Charles Schumer on Sunday said he doubts Democrats this time would be able to muster the 41 votes in the 100-member Senate needed to block the nomination. The New York Democrat also said he was reviewing his own position, after voting last year to block him, because Bolton has been a 'staunch and very good defender of Israel' at the United Nations."

Of course they can't leave that line alone. Here's the finish: "Bolton was getting help from the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, the powerful lobbying organization that has publicly praised him as a 'strong advocate for the U.S. on issues that matter to the pro-Israel community.'" Uh Oh, the "Jews" want the man in, we'd better keep him out.../eye roll

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Castro On The Final Approach To Hell?

The Enemy Press AP reports at that Fidel Castro, murderer and hero to Democrats, has apparently given up power as the result of physical problems. At this time there's been reports of glee in Little Havana and quiet in Cuba.

"Castro said he would also temporarily delegate his duties as first secretary of the Communist Party of Cuba to Raul, who turned 75 in June and who has been taking on a more public profile in recent weeks." Yes, Castro Junior is reported to be taking over, as seen below.

Of course it wouldn't be an Enemy Press story without the usual fawning lies about Castro's illegitimate regime. "Meanwhile, Cuban revolutionaries opened 10,000 new schools, erased illiteracy, and built a universal health care system. Castro backed revolutionary movements in Latin America and Africa." I'm sure all this will be in the many reverent eulogies the man receives from the leftists around the world when he finally takes up his new abode. These praises for the Castro junta must becoming rote for the press as they forget what their point is and accidentally tell a partial truth about it. "But former liberties were whittled away as labor unions lost the right to strike, independent newspapers were shut down and religious institutions were harassed." I said partial, because no mention of the thousands of deaths caused by the hero of America Haters.

Sadly, we've heard the news of Castro's impending death multiple times, so until the word is actually given by the government of Cuba, it's best just to keep up with what's going on and wait to pop the corks until the announcement is made. Meanwhile, keep up with Castro news at these fine blogs: Babalu Blog, and Killcastro.

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Senator Kerry Tries His Magic Hat On Healthcare Issues

Dull, Stentorian Senator John Kerry blathered about his new "secret plan" to provide healthcare to everyone in the country, according to the San Angelo Standard Times. The Enemy Press AP story reports that "Sen. John Kerry on Monday proposed requiring all Americans to have health insurance by 2012, 'with the federal government guaranteeing that they have the means to afford it.'"

Well, at least we don't have to elect him first to hear what his plans are.... Essentially, his plans are the same communist plans every other socialist has proposed for the last century. It's for your own good, and we'll back up our 'humanitarianism' by the threat of force if necessary! Oh, and by the way, it's free, but we'll raise taxes to pay for it.... "The senator said his plan will lead to universal coverage by 2012, 'but if we're not there by 2012, we will require that all Americans have health insurance, with the federal government guaranteeing they have the means to afford it.'" How generous with other people's money you are Senator! No opt out available of course. Who the hell are you to tell us that we must be covered by health insurance?! An authoritarian who believes he's your superior.

It's generally agreed that Kerry will try to run again, but the weak horse will probably not win the nomination this time. However, let's not miss this chance to bash the haughty aristo. "It's unfortunate that John Kerry's bitterness over losing the election clouds his ability to recognize the president's prescription drug plan is providing millions of seniors with more affordable medicine,' said RNC spokeswoman Tracey Schmitt." Yep, poor old Kerry. His dreams of ultimate power fizzled last election and he'll fail again this time. Perhaps you should schedule a visit to France to help yourself feel better. Just forget to come back.

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Dems Raise White Flag Again

The Enemy Press AP reports in The Daily Astorian that the America hating Dem leadershit is again calling on President Bush to surrender to the so-called insurgents in Iraq. Of course there's no reason to expect anything else from those who would prefer we be seen to lose just to gain political power.

All of the sinister left leaders in the House and Senate are demanding that America withdraw troops from Iraq under the pretence of cost and concern for the troops. "Key Democratic leaders in the House and Senate have united to call on President Bush to begin pulling U.S. troops out of Iraq by the end of the year, citing an overtaxed military, billions of dollars spent and ongoing sectarian violence." Here's their brilliant plan: "'U.S. forces in Iraq should transition to a more limited mission focused on counterterrorism, training and logistical support of Iraqi security forces and force protection of U.S. personnel,' the Democrats wrote." Sounds like exactly what the Administration has already said they plan to do. However, President Bush is relying on the opinions of the ground commanders while the Democrats are pinning their hopes on perfumed princes with magic hats and disgraceful ex-marines.

While America desires that our troops come home as soon as possible, it is very obvious that setting deadlines does nothing to solve the problems there, but exacerbates them. None of that matters however to those who lust after a return to power. If they were to succeed it will be a dangerous time for America.

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Sunday, July 30, 2006

Ac-cen-tu-ate The Negative, E-lim-in-ate The Positive...

Yahoo News reports two different versions of the UN Security Council meeting concerning the tragic deaths of non-combatants in the Lebanese village of Qana. One is from the Enemy Press Agence France Presse, the other is from the Enemy Press AP.

Let's start with the heads shall we? Here's the AFP headline: "Global outrage greets Israel 'war crime' in Qana," and here's the AP head: "U.N. council: 'Shock' over Lebanon deaths." Interesting, no? The teary eyed AFP posits this as the truth. "Diplomats said the United States again forced the emergency meeting of the UN Security Council to water down its statement so that Israel was not openly criticised. (That's right, gotta protect our masters....) But the statement said: "The Security Council strongly deplores this loss of innocent lives and the killing of all civilians in the present conflict and requests the secretary general to report to it within one week on the circumstances of this tragic incident." I guess we did as ordered because the statement didn't go as planned. "Qatar, which proposed the statement, had wanted to call the attack 'deliberate' and to call for a ceasefire." Hmmm, the only time terrorists want a time out is when they're being destroyed. And Israel is being obstinate when it refuses? The inverse is proportional to the square....

Here's the AP take. "A presidential statement, approved unanimously by the 15-member council in an emergency session, expressed "extreme shock and distress" at the Israeli attack early Sunday morning but stopped short of condemning it." Looks like the "Jewish lobby" was working overtime on that one. "The council said it 'strongly deplores this loss of innocent life and the killing of civilians in the present conflict.' Despite strong support from many council members for an immediate cease-fire, the statement only called for an end to violence and an urgent long-term solution to the fighting between Israel and Hezbollah guerrillas." Not quite the same thrust is it?

More from AFP. "The 15-nation council met in emergency session at the demand of UN Secretary General Kofi Annan and Lebanese Prime Minister Fuad Siniora after the Israeli raid left 52 people dead, including at least 30 children. 'We must condemn this action in the strongest possible terms, and I appeal to you to do likewise,' Annan told the council. 'I'm deeply dismayed that my earlier calls for immediate cessation of hostilities were not heard, with the result that innocent lives continue to be taken and innocent civilians continue to suffer,' he said." Maybe that's because America, Britain, and Israel know you're a lying, terrorist loving piece of crap masquerading as a human being and they don't believe giving the terrorist group Hezbollah time to regroup is a good idea? You seem to forget that hiding among civilians and using them to shield your fighters is against your precious Geneva and Hague Conventions. Or maybe you don't care as long as someone's paying you off?

There's so much more moral equivalence available in both stories, but the gist is that the AFP is so outrageous in their slant that they in effect are cheerleading for the terrorist enemy. The AP isn't much better, but most of the vitriolic responses by those governments that support terrorism are absent from their (slightly) better version. Either way, the world seems to be lining up against the actions of Israel for whatever reason. (Jew hatred?)

The fact of the matter is this: All casualties are the fault and responsibility of the initiator of the hostilities: Hezbollah. Anything that happens is upon their heads, not those who respond to the attacks. Everyone can see - though of course many deny it - who the aggressor is. They started it, and they will have to see it through to the end. Their end, hopefully.

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Saturday, July 29, 2006


Contains 192 doses of anti-moonbat serum.

Friday, July 28, 2006

Enemy Press AP Shills For Global Warming Crowd

The Enemy Press AP disguises an editorial as a news story (really?) about global warming. Via Yahoo News "Utilities paying global warming skeptic." The story, such as it is, concerns utility companies "passing the hat for one of the few remaining scientists skeptical of the global warming harm caused by industries that burn fossil fuels." Well, he must be some crackpot then, right?

"Pat Michaels — Virginia's state climatologist, a University of Virginia professor and senior fellow at the libertarian Cato Institute..." Yep, just one of those wild eyed wackos dressed in a sandwich board mumbling about the end times. "The Intermountain Rural Electric Association of Sedalia, Colo., gave Michaels $100,000 and started the fund-raising drive, said Stanley Lewandowski, IREA's general manager. He said one company planned to give $50,000 and a third plans to give Michaels money next year." OK, it's done by everyone, how many warming proponents seek out money to push their line? But it's dangerous here because "'These people are just spitting into the wind,' said John Holdren, president of the American Association for the Advancement of Science. 'The fact is that the drumbeat of science and people's perspectives are in line that the climate is changing.'" Uh huh, we're just supposed to fall "in line" because of this? That's their opinion, not necessarily the truth. "Frank O'Donnell, president of Clean Air Watch, a Washington advocacy group, said: 'This is a classic case of industry buying science to back up its anti-environmental agenda.'" As opposed to your side doing it, then it's good, right, and true to back up your environmental agenda.

And that's the whole issue here. In reality, the earth's climate has changed throughout its existence. It's in a constant state of change. No one should expect a static system. Humans have had an effect on the world, however, it cannot be proven that we have had more effect than the sun and the moon and various asteroids. No, it's clear to anyone who would see that the global warming threat isn't about the climate, it's about control. Just examine who leads the chorus. Unhinged politicians who can't win elections, environmental loons, totalitarians, and social engineers/entertainers who demand that you cut back and give up while they jet around and cause more pollution that you will in your lifetime.

All of the "plans" to save the earth make their centerpiece the strangulation of the American economy. Just what would happen to the world if America was bound by rules that don't apply to large polluters like our ally India, or more ominously, our enemy China? Exactly what you think would happen. We would be hamstrung while others who are less concerned about others or the environment could build themselves up against us. That's exactly what those inside and outside our country want. Those in America who hate our freedom want to see us emasculated, and those outside the country think their avariciousness would have no restraining factors with us out of the way. The Earth may be in a period of warming, but as history shows, it will also cool again. Global warming is a false threat put out by those who would have America and all it stands for destroyed. That's why people like Al Gore must be laughed off the national stage, and all those who aid him must be called to account. Our continued existence as a free state depends on it.

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Spain To Pay Reparations To Victims Of Spanish Civil War

The Enemy Press AP reports through Yahoo News that the appeasement government in Spain has decided to pay reparations to "All victims of the civil war launched by Franco's revolt against the republican government and his dictatorship — including exiles, former prisoners and relatives of those executed — would have a year to request reparations. A total of $25 million would be made available for payments."

How soon will people in this country demand reparations for...nevermind. So the cowardly socialist government has decided to pay money up to $25 million? Considering the scope of the fighting and its aftermath, there are probably over a million people who would be eligible for the payment. A whole measly twenty five bucks. Never let it be said that socialists aren't compassionate, darn it!

The idea is bad for multiple reasons. Inability to prove eligibility for starters. Also, "After Franco's death in 1975, Spaniards adopted what has been called a pact of silence to not focus on unhealed wounds, preferring instead to work toward rebuilding a shattered nation." But then again, that's what socialists do. They think perhaps they can reopen old wounds and take political advantage by purchasing votes.

The most dangerous aspect of this plan is the inevitable call from radical Islamic groups to demand payment for their losses when they were chased out of Spain. It's possible that's the whole idea of the socialist government. Appease those who would kill them. It's how they got into office in the first place.

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Tour Winner Landis Tests Positive For Testosterone, French Puzzled

Fox News reports that this year's Tour De France winner Floyd Landis has apparently tested positive for high levels of testosterone. Considering all the moaning and complaining by French Cycling authorities and others, it seems that this too is one way of attacking Lance Armstrong, and indeed, America for their stunning victories in the Tour De France.

Conspiracy theories are sure to abound, however, it seems we mustn't forget Occam's Razor. Just because Armstrong was dogged by doping allegations doesn't mean this is what's happening in the Landis case. In actuality, it's more likely that the French are unfamiliar with testosterone. So, in the interest of advancing the knowledge of our French friends, here's a short presentation about testosterone.

Men have it.

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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Phoenix Serial Killers

JimmyB has a post about two serial killers at large in Phoenix. The Washington Post has the story.

One of the killers is the Baseline Killer. "Investigators said that the Baseline Killer, named for his initial crimes along Baseline Road here, launched his crime binge last August. Since then, police said he has killed five women and one man, and committed seven rapes and eight robberies. Descriptions of him vary, leading detectives to theorize he may wear disguises. They said he occasionally engages victims in conversation before abducting them at night from places such as car washes and bus stops." The other is called the Serial Shooter. "Operating independently from the Baseline Killer is the Serial Shooter. The shooter has killed five people, three horses and five dogs since May 2005, investigators said. The shooter, who targets people outside at night, also is thought to have wounded another 16 people and four animals. Police say they do not have enough evidence to be certain that the Serial Shooter, despite the moniker, is one person. Investigators said the shootings might have been carried out by more than one person, just as the sniper who was thought to be terrorizing the Washington area in 2002 ended up being two people: Lee Boyd Malvo and John Allen Muhammad."

In its inimitable style, the FishWaPo portrays the Phoenicians as cowering in their boots. "'All the people who own little stores around here are doing the same thing: locking the doors even in the day,' said Garcia, 29, who is locking herself in her store most days and has seen a drop in business. 'People are afraid. Very, very afraid.' 'It's too close for comfort,' said Gary Clark, 44, who owns the restaurant and now makes sure no employee in his late-night crew ventures outside alone after closing."

One solution, buy a gun. Learn how to use it. Be aware of your surroundings. Don't venture into unknown areas. It appears the only thing the people did according to the Post is that they "stocked up on pepper spray and flocked to self-defense classes." Pepper spray isn't very effective against a shooter at distance, nor is Karate. More effective against the Baseline killer as he appears to engage victims in conversation first. Close range pepper spray and martial arts, great, not so great if the person is shooting at you from far away.

Self defense doesn't just mean physical action or reaction. Think, be aware, have a plan. Waiting until the unthinkable happens is guaranteed to lead to tragedy.

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NYC Mayor Sued For Breaking Gun Laws

Instapundit has a link to an article in the NY Sun concerning a Georgia gun dealer who was a target of Mayor Bloomberg's possibly illegal anti-gun "stings" he directed outside of his jurisdiction.

"A Georgia gun dealer that Mayor Bloomberg sued as part of his effort to get firearms off the city's streets hit the mayor with a lawsuit of his own yesterday, saying Mr. Bloomberg slandered his business and broke federal law." Well, let's see how Hizzoner - perhaps some day to become Prizzoner - the Mayor likes that. It seems he thinks it's a joke. "Mr. Bloomberg, who is leading a national coalition of mayors to push for stronger laws against illegal guns, dismissed the suit as a 'publicity stunt.' 'I'm just thrilled that he sued me,' Mr. Bloomberg said with a smile at Gracie Mansion. 'We're on the right side of this. I think we have a responsibility to uphold the laws, and a publicity stunt like that is not going to overshadow the fact that a small number of reckless gun dealers are selling guns that are committed in crimes and we have young men and women that are dying here in this city.'"

Funny, I thought federal law considers it a felony to commit a "straw purchase," that is, purchasing the gun for someone else who cannot buy one. It seems that's exactly what the Mayor's minions did when they conducted their "sting" in another state. "The complaint — which also names the city's police commissioner, Raymond Kelly;wah (sic) the mayor's criminal justice coordinator, John Feinblatt, and the city's chief lawyer, Michael Cardozo — invokes the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act and claims that city officials conspired to deceive the store into selling the gun. The result, the suit said, was that the dealer was 'maliciously' libeled and slandered." The city mouthpiece later tries to justify the Mayor's actions. "Mr. Feinblatt said the city followed the law in its investigation and that law enforcement has an obligation to act." That could be true if the BATFE was involved, but that doesn't relieve the city of following gun laws, and they city had no jurisdiction in Georgia to break the law. New York City has no right to investigate federal cases undercover and break federal law in the process.

The Mayor seems to be full of glee right now thinking he'll win the lawsuit. If the city does prevail, does that now mean law abiding gun dealers in freer states that trust their citizens to own and operate guns will be targets of those who hate firearms? Will thugs from Chicago start showing up in other states to try to run legal gun dealers out of business because they hate the freedom the Second Amendment recognizes American's have? Hopefully, the Mayor of New York is soundly beaten in this lawsuit. Many states are influenced by the actions of larger ones. Will the smaller, more gun friendly states be cowed into changing their laws because of possibly illegal actions from those who don't trust their citizens? Although there is legitimate concern for curbing violent crimes, it is chilling to think that a right guaranteed by the Constitution could be overturned by the fear of criminal activity and enforced by those who have no right to enforce it.

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Monday, July 24, 2006

CNN - Always Lovin' The Enemy....

Enemy Press Network CNN let terrorist group Hizbollah use the Anderson Cooper 360 program as a propaganda outlet. The program has a blog at which chronicled a day with terrorists.

"Hezbollah invited us to come see them again; it's the second time in as many days." I wonder why? Because you give such good service to their cause?

1944: CNN was invited by the German Propagandaministerium to visit western France where Allied bombing and attacks have destroyed the French countryside and many houses.

"Our team of Anderson, Neil, producer Tommy Evans and I arrive at the site of a bridge that's been blown to pieces by Israeli bombs...This is a poor neighborhood and new construction clearly doesn't come here often. The buildings are heavily damaged, though, and it seems unlikely they'll ever be completed."

1944: We visited a little village inside the Normandy region that was bombed heavily by the Allied offensive, it appears life will never get back to normal German occupation here.

"We're standing on what used to be a residential street. It's now a mess of wires and rubble. Smoke is still rising off the debris. Bombs have smashed nearly a quarter mile of this area and there's virtually nothing left. There's a twisted tire from a children's bike here, some compact disks from someone's collection there. Anderson is doing a few stand-ups, but the Hezbollah representative leading the tour is telling us it's time to move on. We tell him we want to talk to some people who lived here, who witnessed what happened. "Not here," he says. "Maybe at our next stop."

1944: Residences are in ruins everywhere in the aftermath of the continued Allied attacks. Scenes of utter destruction are everywhere. The Allies are dropping ordnance indiscriminately to attack German positions among the populace.

"Our car is being led through back streets to a broken-down building with five ambulances parked in front. 'These are the emergency workers who respond to casualty calls when Israel drops their bombs,' the Hezbollah man says. 'Take your pictures and talk to some of them if you'd like.'"

1944: We've been taken to an area staffed by neutral SS red cross workers. Our ministerium escort tells us to feel free to talk to these humanitarian aid workers as they have some free time during this respite from the unceasing Allied attacks.

"We're growing tired of what is now obviously a dog-and-pony show, but we decide to play along, and approach one driver with a few questions." You just noticed now?! A ray of sunshine coming through the clouds? Oh, but wait, you didn't pack up and leave did you? "Anderson asks him what kind of casualties he's seeing, but before he can answer, the ambulance beside us turns on his siren and screeches out, followed by the next ambulance, then the next. It's a well coordinated and not-so-subtle piece of propaganda that might as well come with a soundtrack titled 'Hezbollah Cares.'" Available at

1944: We wondered if the SS uniforms worn by the workers might mean they're not really aid workers, but we continued to talk to them anyway. Right at that moment, air raid sirens went off and the red cross workers went to rescue some children.

"We're now driving through a neighborhood that hasn't seen any bombing, but it's here we're told we can talk to some residents...They tell us they're a mother, her son and his wife. There's no way to know if it's true. (Ya think?) The conversation follows a familiar pattern:

"Are you scared?"


"Will you fight?"

"To the death!"

"Do you hate Israel?"

"Of course, and its mother America!"

We thank them for their insights and move back up to the street."

1944: We're just outside Paris now where no attacks have occurred. We've been allowed to talk to members of Service d'ordre l├ęgionnaire who've tragically been involved in some horrible bombing attacks by Allied forces. We ask them of they are afraid. "No, we'll protect the true French government at Vichy with our lives!" Who is your enemy? "All the Allied Powers who keep interfering in our country. We have a right to kill those we don't like and to love our German overlords." We thank them for their insights.

The post ends with a few comments about how they finally realize the story isn't the situation, but that their visit was for propaganda purposes only. At least they noticed that. Perhaps some people at CNN understand that Hezbollah and their ilk use media to further their goals, and unfortunately some networks go along with it, to maintain "access" of course.

All this is apparently lost however on the commenters:

"After reading this I can see why Hezbollah doesn't see many CNN reporters. All you did is belittle their Propaganda efforts. But I haven't noticed the same snide comments directed at the obvious Israeli Propaganda. Could that be because you side with the Israeli's,hmmm!

Posted By Bob,Austin,Texas : 12:14 PM ET"

"Well, Hezbollah could be good or bad. But, that doesn't change the fact that, American made bombs, killed inocent (sic) people in the that they showed you.

Posted By Bill, NYC, NY : 12:29 PM ET"

And this guy can't seem to make up his mind what to say:

"You also have to see it from their point of view. They don't know you are not feeding information, purposefully or not, to the IDF, so it seems to me they are testing you. CNN should be one of their most important routes for telling the world their story. (Howse about not telling their story at all?) Maybe you did not realize it but you gave teh (sic) location of the 10:40 am meeting point to the IDF. There are an unlimited number of bombed bridges in Lebanon in poor neighborhoods next to two high rise apartment buildings under construction. I know you are trying to give readers details and I crave for that, but Hezbollah may not like it. (By all means, let's not upset them!) Do not give up because of anger or resentment for Hezbollah making you jump through those hoops. They NEED you to give their story to the world. At the same time they need to show you more respect, so be strong to a point and be respectful of them. You will get the true story and the whole world NEEDS to learn it. (Huh? The truth will never come from terrorist groups. A steamier load of muddle headed thinking will be harder to find than this commenters words.)

Posted By John Wright, Minneapolis, MN : 12:31 PM ET"

There's more, but at least there are also some right headed thinkers commenting too. Read the whole thing.

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Sunday, July 23, 2006

A Satanic Damascus Road

The Enemy Press Time Magazine posts an anti-American's "Damascus Road" journey. Alluding to Saul/Paul's vision of God and his conversion to Christianity, enemy sympathizer Andrea Stanton tells of her journey deep into her self and instead of turning to good, praises the evil infesting the area.

The self described doctoral student from Iowa tries to impart an equivalence between her prior life in America and her new life among the lovers of Hezbollah. "Damascus is my favorite Middle Eastern city. I love it not only for what locals call in English its 'touristic' qualities, but also for the ones that remind me of my home in Iowa: both societies share an appreciation for tight-knit families and lifetime friendships; socially conservative 'family values'; and traditional comfort foods, with shish taouk and mezze standing in for the steak and salad dinners that dominated Iowa's menus when I was a child." Aw, how nice. Just wonder how these people even have time to think up new ways to cause bloodshed when they're so busy doing the "middle American" thing.

"I came here from Beirut a week ago, in the aging Volvo of a Syrian named Ali, a kind middle-aged Shi'ite who has driven my friends and me back and forth between the two cities many times. His knowledge of Lebanon's roads is matched only by his devotion to Hizballah. I would have trusted no other driver to bring me safely past the Israeli jets bombing our road. But fleeing Lebanon in a car decorated with the photograph of Hizballah leader Sheik Hassan Nasrallah while listening to Manar radio's 'support the resistance' call-in chat show gave new meaning to the word surreal." Funny, when St Paul traveled to Damascus, he ended up in the company of godly people. Our author ended up in the company of those who support the terrorist group Hezbollah. But at least he was "kind." What an idiot! An enemy sympathizing idiot! But let's not stop there shall we....

"We had stopped the car on a side road so that Ali could hand over his Lebanese mobile-phone chip to a friend heading into the country. The delay turned out to be a godsend. (or the other guysend) When Ali started the car again, it was to flee the bombs hitting the main road on our right. We sped away with the other cars, and I watched people running away on foot from the rear window as Ali reminded me to praise God for our safety." And just who did you pray to? Were you in a burka? Later she recalled "After Ali and I exchanged our goodbyes, thanking God for our safe passage, I dropped my bags at a friend's house in Damascus and walked to my favorite lunch place - where I knew I could comfortably dine alone without being stared at." So this idiot, er, doctoral student, praised Allah? She conveniently never tells us exactly who she prayed to or praised for her safe arrival. One thinks that this supposedly educated western woman wouldn't pray to Jesus. Not the sophisticate's style these days you know. No, it's likely she just followed Ali's lead and bowed down or said some Islamic prayer because she's "with it" and cultured and it's all the same god anyway. How can this be examined? Well, read what she said just before thanking God (Allah?): " I remembered to bring the July Vogue for the wait at the border;" Uh huh. This shining example of the educated idiot doesn't seem to understand that Vogue would be shut down by her "kind" Hezbollah supporters and the writers probably killed if they took control of America.

After all this background blather, the smarter than you student gets to the real point. "Israel features frequently in political conversations, but only via euphemisms or circumlocutions. Now, though, with Israeli tanks massing (yeah, a brigade is a "mass" alright....) at the Lebanese border and Israeli warplanes continuing their strikes throughout the country, there is no way to avoid these words. I wonder what consequences, if any, this change will bring - whether Syrians' ability to name the enemy (yeah, Israel is the enemy to her) will make Israel and its people more real and easier to relate to." Well, at least she gave it a try to sound balanced. Here goes the balance: "At the moment, however, this newfound recognition of reality seems to have only one result: strengthening Syrians' support for Hizballah, whatever the consequences for Lebanon. (be warned Israel, Hezbollah will fight to the last Lebanese!) I see posters of Nasrallah plastered on private cars and police motorcycles, and the yellow of the Hizballah flag darts across my vision wherever I look. The support is genuine - the average Syrian is much more passionate about the Palestinian cause than the most ardent Lebanese - as is the anger at Israel, and at the United States. But it is a targeted anger."

Fine, then it's out in the open. Syria is supporting Hezbollah. The Syrians support terrorism. They support the murder of non-combatants in pizza parlors. They support bombing buses. Then they must be willing to accept the consequences. The consequences could mean attack by Israel. Not that it's likely, but they have allied themselves with the terrorists.

Our intrepid reporter and scholar tells about the anger directed at America. But not her of course. That's because she's an enemy sympathizer, they'll deal with her later, but she's (a) useful (idiot) now. "When I stopped at my favorite mini-grocery store to pick up some milk, the shopkeeper was in the middle of a conversation with friends. 'I hope the American Administration falls because of this,' he told them. 'I hope Bush falls.' Seeing me, the blonde foreigner, he asked where I was from. I told him: American, but living in Beirut. He smiled and said: 'American! Welcome! We hate your government, but we love the American people. You know, we all want to live there!' Syrians have told me this for years, whenever I reveal my nationality. It was reassuring to know that at least for now they still feel the same way: affection for Americans, antipathy towards our foreign policy. As long as they are willing to make this distinction, I am still happy to think of Damascus as my home away from home." Gee, thanks you traitorous piece of work. Too bad you were too busy going into orgasms over his denunciation of our government to take time to educate him about how the American government works. Because you couldn't take time out from your enjoyment of his words to tell him, I'll tell him: Governments don't "fall" here. They serve out their term, this ain't a Parliamentary system. Oh, and by the way. You can't hate the government and love the people. The people are the government. Except in the case of the college educated who hate their own country. They seem to think they people aren't the government.

The smug self congratulations continues: "On the day of the kidnappings and the initial Israeli response, I met with an American professor friend to discuss a non-partisan American voter-registration drive we were organizing in the Bekaa Valley. I had volunteered at a similar event in May, at which we processed over 100 voter registration and absentee ballot requests from expatriates and Lebanese-Americans." Why do I get the feeling she wasn't signing up any Republicans or Libertarians? Oh, this is why: "The first drive had been held in Achrafiyeh, Beirut's most upscale Christian neighborhood. Holding the second in the Bekaa would allow us to reach more Sunni, Shia, and Druze Lebanese-Americans - a chance to demonstrate one of the American ideals I love most: that our diversity is our strength, and that we value all citizens, regardless of race or religion." And the kicker.... "Those ideals, of course, often aren't honored; the most recent instance of that, in my mind, came late last week, when President Bush insisted upon Israel's right to defend itself, and by doing so put the lives of the 25,000 to 30,000 American citizens in Lebanon, not to mention the millions of native Lebanese, at great risk." Bingo!!! The whole reason for the Damascus Road!!! President Bush is evil because he allows that Israel has a right to defend itself from attack. This cunt, pardon the language, equates self defense for the Jews with denying American ideals. Sorry, this whore for Hezbollah reveals her true colors. She, in effect, declares Israel's existence is opposed to the American ideal "that our diversity is our strength, and that we value all citizens, regardless of race or religion." Good God! It's true. Nothing is so stupid and outrageous or evil that you can't get an academic to support it!

Israel is the only truly democratic state in the region. How many other states allow freedom of worship? Not many. Ever try to go to a church in Saudi Arabia? Oh, wait, you can't, there aren't any allowed there. No, Israel is an ally who has the same ideals of freedom that America has. Hezbollah and the Islamic countries do not. The denizens of those countries are oppressed in reality, not the kind of oppressions that so-called "progressives" must endure each day in George Bush's Amerikkka.

Some last words from this idiot wackademic: "But if this conflict continues much longer, Lebanon will have no chance of remaining the special place it is - and I will have to stay in Damascus, a city I do love, for all the wrong reasons." Great, we don't really need you anyway. But say, what are those "wrong reasons"? She doesn't say. However, from the rest of her screed, we can only assume she means that Israel will have wiped out Hezbollah. I'm sure she'll shed bitter tears.

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Snicker, It Happened Again....

An American wins the Tour De France. Eight times in a row for America, three different riders: Greg LeMond, Lance Armstrong, and now, Floyd Landis.

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Friday, July 21, 2006

Poor, Misunderstood Dems reprints an Enemy Press AP story about college Democrats moaning and groaning about their electoral plight. "While a tangible sense of optimism was evident Friday at the three-day College Democrats National Convention, several students expressed frustration, saying voters simply don't understand the Democratic Party and its priorities."

Snicker. Yeah, right. Sorry you blubbering boobs, America knows all too well what the Democrat Party stands for. And has rejected it for the past few elections. Raving lunatics, high taxes, lack of support for the troops, bankrupt ideas, communism, the list is endless.

Keep deluding yourselves. The Democrat Party offers nothing to America. America will be ill served if they take control of any branch of government. Hopefully Americans will deny them the levers of power again this year.

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Enemy Press AP Spins Orders? reports an Enemy Press AP story about the soldiers accused of murdering civilians during a raid on a suspected Al Qaida base. "Girouard, Spc. William B. Hunsaker, Pfc. Corey R. Clagett, and Spc. Juston R. Graber are charged with murder and other offenses in the shooting deaths of three of the men during the May 9 raid. Girouard, Hunsaker and Clagett are also charged with obstruction of justice for allegedly threatening to kill another soldier if he told authorities what happened. In sworn statements obtained this week by the AP, Girouard, Hunsaker, Clagett, and a witness, Sgt. Leonel Lemus, told Army investigators they were ordered to attack an island in northern Salahuddin province on May 9 and kill anti-Iraqi fighters with ties to al-Qaida."

What is the defense of the accused? "Four U.S. soldiers accused of murdering suspected insurgents during a raid in Iraq said they were under orders to 'kill all military age males,' according to sworn statements obtained by The Associated Press." So the rules of engagement for the operation were to kill all military age males? That doesn't sound right. Does the military order such things? Aren't these type of orders illegal and against the laws of war?

What drove the soldiers to start killing indiscriminately? Let's check out the rest of the story to see what happened during the alleged murders. "Girouard told investigators he expected he and his comrades would immediately be attacked when they landed on the island. Intelligence officials had warned that at least 20 al-Qaida operatives were hiding there. But it was only once the men moved to the northern half of the island that they found anyone, Girouard said. He said he and others shot and killed a man they spied in a window in one building and then rushed into a house where they found three other men hiding behind two women. A fifth man, holding a 2-year-old girl in front of him, later came out of another building, Girouard and Hunsaker told investigators. Girouard said the four surviving men were not immediately killed because of the human shields. Once the women and child were moved to safety, he told investigators, the men did not appear to pose a threat and the soldiers took them into custody. (So much for indiscriminate murder....) But Hunsaker said three of the men then attacked him and Clagett as the soldiers were trying to bind the men's hands with heavy-duty plastic ties. (In other words, the men re-opened hostilities after surrendering.) 'I had felt this action necessary for they had tried to use deadly force on me and my comrade,' Hunsaker wrote about the shooting. Hunsaker told investigators he was stabbed. Clagett said he was 'struck on the face with a fist or something.' Lemus, who only saw the men fall to the ground, told investigators he thought the killings were justified. 'Proper escalation of force was used when the detainee became hostile and armed himself with a weapon and wounded one soldier and struck another,' Lemus said. 'Our actions ... were in accordance to the ROE (rule of engagement) briefed to us prior to our mission and moments before our air assault was conducted.'"

This is bizarre! How on earth did these soldiers get charged with anything, if their story is true? They were on a legal mission, they accepted the surrender of the enemy and only used lethal force against them once the enemy re-opened hostilities. Why would any charges be filed? Perhaps this can explain it. "Officers from their unit initially cleared the soldiers of wrongdoing. Charges were filed when witnesses changed their testimony after repeated interviews with Army investigators...." Witnesses? What witnesses? Fellow soldiers? Or the enemy? We already know that the enemy will say anything to further their cause. They also know they have willing accomplices in the Enemy Press. Until we know who these witnesses are, why should we put any credence in their charges? We shouldn't.

It is possible these soldiers murdered the men, but more likely that events happened as they said it did. Morale is important in a war, as much as actual battlefield success. Any and all charges of atrocities against our soldiers from any source must be completely investigated before any charges are pressed. We cannot let lies from those who would destroy us be taken at face value. Let us hope the soldiers did follow the rules of engagement. It's imperative we win, and imperative we do so without being stopped by the lies of the enemy here and abroad.

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Thursday, July 20, 2006

Coughing Anus Craps Out More Sh....

Oil for Food criminal and general worthless piece of human garbage, Kofi Annan, spews out more outrageous lies about Israel's defense of its people. The Press Republican from Plattsburg NY reports an Enemy Press AP story about the latest effluent flowing from the blood stained lamprey lips of the Ghanaian Ghoul.

"'While Hezbollah's actions are deplorable, and Israel has a right to defend itself, the excessive use of force is to be condemned,' he told the Security Council. Israel must make 'a far greater and more credible effort ... to protect civilians and civilian infrastructure,' he said." How this lying piece of work doesn't have his tongue wither when he speaks is beyond comprehension. History has shown us that the US and Israel go to great lengths to avoid collateral damage. In fact, sometimes too much concern to reduce civilian casualties has led to more danger to the troops of both countries.

In contrast, terrorist groups such as Hamas, Hezbollah and the "insurgents" in Iraq specifically target non-combatants. No one can truly dispute this. Only the willfully blind or dissemblers dare speak otherwise. No, it's clear that Mr Annan is either morally blind or secretly shares the same goals as Hamas, Hezbollah and their ilk. Just what does he get for spouting equivalence lies about Israel? Does he get oil? Does he get gifts (bribes)? Perhaps he just hates Jews? Whatever the cause of his foolish and untruthful remarks, halting Israel's actions before the terror groups can be neutralized will do nothing to bring peace to the region. A premature cease fire will only lead to a regrouping of the terrorists and strengthen their resolve more as it would be proven that the UN and other groups will do nothing in the face of an aggressive terror campaign.

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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Inventory Time

Art Photos?

Jimmy, please don't drool!

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Enemy Press NYT Changes Look, Lies About Cause

The Enemy Press AP reports in the Virginian-Pilot website that the Enemy Press New York Times is cutting the size of its paper to "bring the paper's size in line with what is becoming an industry standard. USA Today, the nation's largest-selling daily, already prints on the smaller size, and Dow Jones & Co.'s Wall Street Journal, the No. 2-selling daily, is moving to the smaller size early next year."

Bollocks! The sinking ship is desperately trying to stave off financial ruin as more and more people see it for the mouthpiece of evil it is and refuse to buy or read it. The company also plans to close a printing plant and permanently eliminate over 200 jobs. Just to get in line with the "industry standard?" Not likely. A lie will do as well as the truth I suppose and they seem to prefer the lie these days. "The changes at The New York Times will go into effect by the second quarter of 2008, the company said in a statement early Tuesday, and will save about $42 million a year. The job cuts account for about one-third of the Times' total production work force of 800." Why the focus on the cost savings? Because they are having difficulties. These changes have nothing to do with industry standards, just saving money. They are losing subscribers and credibility. Even investors will start dumping the stock if the performance continues its downward spiral.

Of course it's not all bad news. "The size reduction alone would have meant a loss of 11 percent of the space devoted to news, but the newspaper plans to add pages to make up for about half of that loss, the Times reported in a story in Tuesday editions. 'That's a number that I think we can live with quite comfortably,' Bill Keller, the Times' executive editor, was quoted by the Times as saying. Keller said the 5 percent reduction in news space would require tighter editing and putting some news in digest form." So America sees about five pages of lies not being printed and digest form news is harder to fake, plus the Times has indicated they might actually use editors!

Keller slips and confirms the real reason for the changes. "'It's painful to watch an industry retrench,' Keller said. 'But this is a much less painful way to go about assuring our economic survival than cutting staff or closing foreign bureaus or retrenching our investigative reporting or diluting the Washington bureau.'" Wait a minute, you just finished saying you were making changes to match up with the new industry standards??! Were you lying...well, sure they were.

Mr Keller, don't be too sure that at least truth wouldn't be served by cutting your staff and bureaus....

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Monday, July 17, 2006

NetherRegions, er, Netherlands Judge Approves Pedophile Party reports an Enemy Press AP story out of the Netherlands where a Dutch judge has allowed the formation of a party dedicated to legalizing Pedophilia.

There is to be absolutely no linking of cause and effect from allowing gay "marriage" to be considered the equal of real marriage. This blog refuses to allow anyone reading or hearing about this post or thinking about talking to someone else about this or any other post to connect the two together whatsoever. Nothing like this will ever happen in America. Gay "marriage" will be the only thing allowed. Slippery slopes don't exist. If you say or think otherwise you are doubtless a bigot, a racist, a homophobe, a Christer, and all other sorts of icky things like that.

Therefore put such things out of your mind. Or else we'll denounce you in print, in movies, in books, and pass laws outlawing your free speech rights. We will also consider jail as an option to silence your illegal dissent from what we have deemed a social good. Executions may follow, for your own good of course....

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Criminal Rep Cunningham Rightly Left Off Of Tribute Program, Dem Leader Still Takes Ball, Goes Home Crying

The Pocono Record reports an Enemy Press AP story about a tribute program for retiring Congressional Reps. It seems that the group which organizes these events had listed disgraced California Rep Duke Cunningham on the program. So after getting her dried up old panties in a crusted bunch, the leading House Democrat, Nancy Pelosi whined and refused to attend.

The US Capitol Historical Society has decided however to remove convicted Rep Cunningham from the honor list. This is assuredly the right thing to do. Rep Cunningham didn't retire after all, he was convicted of criminal activity. Therefore he doesn't belong. Unfortunately for the extremist Dem, Tom DeLay remains on the program and will not be removed. This led to the predictable emotional outburst from one of the leading female reps minions. "But despite complaints from Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., the U.S. Capitol Historical Society is keeping former Majority Leader Tom DeLay on the program for Wednesday's annual event. So despite the group's about-face on Cunningham, Pelosi still won't attend the event or let her name be used as a co-host, her spokesman said. 'DeLay left Congress under indictment,' said spokesman Brendan Daly. 'The Ethics Committee said they would have investigated him if he weren't leaving.'"

Poor Dems, indictment isn't conviction remember? Otherwise a certain former high executive from a Southern state wouldn't be welcome anywhere would he? Amazingly, the people in charge of this event didn't back down from this attempted bullying. "Ronald A. Sarasin, president and chief executive of the historical society, said that DeLay is 'entitled to the presumption of innocence' as he awaits trial in a state campaign finance case in Texas." Those little facts keep getting in the way of those Democrat rants don't they?

"DeLay probably will stop by the event, said his daughter and spokeswoman, Dani DeLay Ferro. The spokeswoman said of Pelosi, 'She will be missed.'" Not really, but see how the Republicans are at least civil when referring to the deranged demands of the extremist Dem leadership....

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Dems - As Usual - File Suit To Protect Election Fraud

The Enemy Press AP reports in the Rockford Register Star that Democrats and their allies in the supposed non partisan ACLU went to court to block a Missouri law that requires voters to provide picture ID prior to voting.

"Under the law, voters starting this November will need a photo ID issued by either the state of federal government, such as a driver's license, to cast a regular ballot. Those lacking IDs can cast provisional ballots, which would count if their signatures matched those on file with election authorities." Many states allow provisional ballots. The fact that Missouri "law provides for free photo IDs that voters can obtain before Election Day," negates any charge that the poor or minorities are disenfranchised by this law. Laziness is no excuse for failing to acquire ID.

Predictably the Dem leaders whine and cry: "'Our overall concern is that the new law is going to leave people out who want to vote, who deserve to vote and who are qualified to vote,' said Anthony Rothert, legal director of the American Civil Liberties Union of Eastern Missouri, whose group announced the lawsuit." Yeah, "people who want to vote" can go get a free ID, people "who deserve to vote" can go get a free ID, people "who are qualified to vote" can go get a free ID. Oops, I forgot, illegal aliens, felons, and the dead can't get ID now can they?

It's all the same. Democrats can't stand the scrutiny of the voter rolls and still expect to win in most non-moonbat areas. They have no ideas except "vote for me because I'll open the treasury to you" or "America is bad, help us destroy it." Sorry. As the leadership of the Democrat party edges closer to open espousal of communistic platforms, they'll increasingly need pliant and freedom hating judges to do their dirty work. The voters won't do it for them anymore.

It may take a while - and it may never happen - but only the complete destruction or at least reorganization of the Democrat party will be needed to earn them votes to gain national power again. Dump the Bush Haters and the fringe whackos, then perhaps voters might grace you with their votes again.

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One Step Forward

It appears that a majority of Senators either understands Americans value the Second Amendment or fears being voted out of office if Katrina like gun confiscation becomes the norm during disasters or attack.

The Senate approved an amendment to House Resolution 5441 funding Homeland Security on July 13. The text of Senator Vitter's amendment (Sec 540) can be found here.

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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

War Is Lost - We've Surrendered

This blog never believed the next line would ever be posted, except for a post about the enemy. President Bush has surrendered to the enemy. The GWOT is over. These murderous extremists we face today have now been given all protections. We no longer will prosecute this war as it should be. The enemy will now be emboldened to commit any atrocity, undertake any heinous act, slay anyone with impunity. All they'll have to do is surrender when they face our troops. They will now be fed and housed and eventually released to begin their actions anew.

This is a shameful day in our history. The final push for our destruction has begun. The enemy within will now have no check on undermining our war effort. The only way to possibly change this outcome is by Congress passing laws to stop the Geneva Conventions from applying to all terrorists. Not likely however. From the Enemy Press AP story through "Word of the Bush administration's new stance came as the Senate Judiciary Committee opened hearings Tuesday on the politically charged issue of how detainees should be tried. 'We're not going to give the Department of Defense a blank check,' Republican Sen. Arlen Specter of Pennsylvania, the committee chairman, told the hearing. Sen. Patrick Leahy of Vermont, the committee's top Democrat, said 'kangaroo court procedures' must be changed and any military commissions 'should not be set up as a sham. They should be consistent with a high standard of American justice, worth protecting.'"

Purported Republicans and Democrats in the Senate are itching to destroy this country by hamstringing our right and ability to wage aggressive war against a merciless, hate filled enemy. Both statements by the "Senators" quoted above are words of comfort to those who would destroy us. Listen you enemies in high office. Those who attack us are not in uniform. They rape, bomb, and murder without any regard to victims. They mutilate our troops and you want to give them milkbaths. They have no rights! They can be put to death without delay even after they surrender!

The sickness of America hatred has nearly completely infected those in office who were put there by God for our good. The Lord commands you to protect us. You have rejected His rules and substituted your rules. You continually mock those who believe and promote and aid every group and person who would impose a hate filled "tolerance" for all types of deviancy, criminality, and perversion. You are as guilty as those who shoot and behead our troops. You are the Enemy! The treasonous press is the Enemy.

Perhaps we can still win even with those in high office working against our good. Work hard for those who seek office with good intent. Do not support the national parties with money. Write letters to the President and your Congressional Representatives. Arm yourselves. Take a shooting class from the NRA or your local Community College or local gunshop. Find a range in your neighborhood and join. Practice shooting at least once a month. Buy a milsurp weapon. They are currently cheap and ammo seems to be plentiful. If these traitors among us try to openly attack our freedom, let them know fully the words of Admiral Yamamoto. "You cannot invade the mainland United States. There would be a rifle behind each blade of grass."

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Thursday, July 06, 2006

We Are A Serious News Organization!

So let's run a story on Astrology! Enemy Press Network ABC ran a segment on Good Morning America this week about "signs." This story was apparently designed to capture the interest of the uneducated couch potatas sitting at home in curlers.

"'First of all, astrology is based on mathematical cycles,' said Susan Miller, who writes an astrology column for InStyle magazine and CosmoGirl." Well, no, but don't let that stop you. Astrology is based on the Ptolemaic design of the universe, you know where everything revolves around the earth. Which was proven scientifically to be incorrect by Copernicus. I just said scientifically to show the leftists that conservatives too use science to disprove fallacious thinking, like global warming. (I really just use the Bible to substantiate my claims. Oh, and only the KJV too...all other Bibles are false I say, false!...not really.)

Miller goes on to say what the attributes of each sign are. She tries to play up the hosts and they genially go along. Unfortunately for Miller, co-anchor Robin Roberts points out that Miller has a soft cast on one of her feet. She had been trying to hide it. The video available on has this exchange which is missing in the transcript.

Isn't this the most telling point about astrology? If this "science" was real, why didn't Miller know she was going to hurt herself? 'Cause it ain't real folks. Honestly, in this day and age how can anyone believe such foolishness. Funny innit. People will believe anything but deny reality. Crystals, pyramid power, chants, paganism, Gaia worship, all is believable, but don't you dare try to tell someone that God exists....

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Two Courts Rule Against Gay Marriage, Proponents "Devastated"

It appears that New York and Georgia gays will have to wait to impose their agenda on the denizens of those states. The Enemy Press AP reports in the Washington Times that the New York Court of Appeals ruled that "same-sex unions are not allowed under state law," while the Georgia Supreme Court ruled "that the ban did not violate the state's single-subject rule for ballot measures. The ban had been approved by 76 percent of voters in 2004."

In a bald faced statement, "'It's a sad day for New York families,' said plaintiff Kathy Burke of Schenectady, who is raising an 11-year-old son with her partner, Tonja Alvis. 'My family deserves the same protections as my next door neighbors.'" Pray tell - oops, how insensitive of me, no prayer allowed - exactly what protections have been taken away from you by this ruling? Are you now free to be shot or robbed or murdered openly in New York now? Of course not. What they bemoan is the fact that their radical sexual agenda isn't going to be enforced by the state. At least at this point in time.

Just to show you stupidity or disingenuousness isn't limited to the plaintiffs, listen to what Chief Judge of New York said in her dissent. "...Chief Judge Judith Kaye said the court failed to uphold its responsibility to correct inequalities when it decided to simply leave the issue to lawmakers. 'It is uniquely the function of the Judicial Branch to safeguard individual liberties guaranteed by the New York State Constitution, and to order redress for their violation, she wrote. 'The court's duty to protect constitutional rights is an imperative of the separation of powers, not its enemy. I am confident that future generations will look back on today's decision as an unfortunate misstep.'"

These statements show clearly how dangerous it is to have those who try to impose their own views on the voters of a state. The job of the judicial branch is only to decide the constitutionality of laws, not make laws. This judge has decided her own values override the will of the people. Such judges must be removed from office as soon as possible. No one's rights are violated by the blocking of so-called gay "marriage." Gays have the right to marry anyone of the opposite sex, the same as heterosexuals. No, it's obvious that many in the judiciary believe it's their duty to impose what they deem constitutional rights on an unwilling populace. Fortunately Judge Kay is in the minority and hopefully will remain there on her days on the high court.

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Monday, July 03, 2006

Mexico's Algore

Enemy Press Reuters reports that the conservative candidate, Felipe Calderon, appears to be winning the Mexican presidential election over Chavezite Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador. "Mexico's conservative presidential candidate Felipe Calderon declared victory on Monday in a bitterly contested election and official returns appeared to show his leftist rival could no longer catch him. Calderon had a lead of almost 400,000 votes over Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador with returns in from almost 98 percent of polling stations and a senior election official said it was unlikely to change with a recount ordered for later this week."

But as seen here in America..."Lopez Obrador supporters, remembering a 1988 presidential election widely believed to have been stolen from left-wing candidate Cuauhtemoc Cardenas, claimed foul play. 'It's always the same. It happened in '88 when they robbed Cardenas. Hopefully there's no such repeat but if there's fraud the people will look for explanations on the street,' said Francisco Grimaldo, 68, in Mexico City's vast main square." Yup, same old same old from the freedom hating leftists. Cry and claim cheating when you can't win an election. What is the Spanish word for "Chad" anyway?

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"V is for vittles--and victory!"

Opinion Journal's Best of the Web posts this little 4th of July morsel. Seems a possibly whack-job shrimper named Diane Watson has told Code Pinko (no link please) that she has decided to stop eating to protest the evilification of America. Because you see, this poor BDS sufferer thinks that President Bush is the source and fount of all evil in this country and he's leading us into a non-progressive hell hole like heaven. Or something like that, you can never tell with some people.

She wants you to stop eating solid food and hopefully, if we wish really hard, the anti-war fairy will come and stop this war! These fairies may also stop the villain Bush from attacking other peaceful, loving countries like Iran and Venezuela. Home to the docile wouldn't hurt a flea mullahs and Hugego Chavez.

Click your heels together and say three times: There's no place like a Bush free America....

Or, if you prefer, grill a nice thick steak tomorrow. With shrimp even. Or have an all meat pizza. Chow down on some "beef" hotdogs. Heh, make them kosher just to irritate the progressives even more! Then shoot off some guns. Eat more meat, then shoot the guns again. Set off fireworks or watch some, listen to the Star Spangled Banner, the Battle Hymn of the Republic, and some soul stirring JP Souza march on a Fourth of July Program. Go shoot off your gun again. Have a midnight snack of Hickory Farms beef stick and top it off with another blast before going to bed. Do it for the children....

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Glad To Be Rid Of Britain?

The Telegraph shows how out of touch and resigned to their increasing totalitarian state the majority of Britons are, at least those who elect to participate in polls. Unfortunately, we aren't told exactly what questions were asked, but Britain apparently hates us now.

"Britons have never had such a low opinion of the leadership of the United States, a YouGov poll shows. As Americans prepare to celebrate the 230th anniversary of their independence tomorrow, the poll found that only 12 per cent of Britons trust them to act wisely on the global stage. This is half the number who had faith in the Vietnam-scarred White House of 1975. Most Britons see America as a cruel, vulgar, arrogant society, riven by class and racism, crime-ridden, obsessed with money and led by an incompetent hypocrite."

You sure they weren't talking about France?

"More than two-thirds who offered an opinion said America is essentially an imperial power seeking world domination. And 81 per cent of those who took a view said President George W Bush hypocritically championed democracy as a cover for the pursuit of American self-interests." And they know this how? By the gulags we keep? By the tribute we demand from our allies? Or because we don't let our people vote?

The truth is probably closer to this than what the poll respondents think: "A spokesman for the American embassy said that the poll's findings were contradicted by its own surveys. 'We question the judgment of anyone who asserts the world would be a better place with Saddam still terrorizing his own nation and threatening people well beyond Iraq's borders.'"

Ah, Shoot! also questions their sanity.

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