Sunday, July 30, 2006

Ac-cen-tu-ate The Negative, E-lim-in-ate The Positive...

Yahoo News reports two different versions of the UN Security Council meeting concerning the tragic deaths of non-combatants in the Lebanese village of Qana. One is from the Enemy Press Agence France Presse, the other is from the Enemy Press AP.

Let's start with the heads shall we? Here's the AFP headline: "Global outrage greets Israel 'war crime' in Qana," and here's the AP head: "U.N. council: 'Shock' over Lebanon deaths." Interesting, no? The teary eyed AFP posits this as the truth. "Diplomats said the United States again forced the emergency meeting of the UN Security Council to water down its statement so that Israel was not openly criticised. (That's right, gotta protect our masters....) But the statement said: "The Security Council strongly deplores this loss of innocent lives and the killing of all civilians in the present conflict and requests the secretary general to report to it within one week on the circumstances of this tragic incident." I guess we did as ordered because the statement didn't go as planned. "Qatar, which proposed the statement, had wanted to call the attack 'deliberate' and to call for a ceasefire." Hmmm, the only time terrorists want a time out is when they're being destroyed. And Israel is being obstinate when it refuses? The inverse is proportional to the square....

Here's the AP take. "A presidential statement, approved unanimously by the 15-member council in an emergency session, expressed "extreme shock and distress" at the Israeli attack early Sunday morning but stopped short of condemning it." Looks like the "Jewish lobby" was working overtime on that one. "The council said it 'strongly deplores this loss of innocent life and the killing of civilians in the present conflict.' Despite strong support from many council members for an immediate cease-fire, the statement only called for an end to violence and an urgent long-term solution to the fighting between Israel and Hezbollah guerrillas." Not quite the same thrust is it?

More from AFP. "The 15-nation council met in emergency session at the demand of UN Secretary General Kofi Annan and Lebanese Prime Minister Fuad Siniora after the Israeli raid left 52 people dead, including at least 30 children. 'We must condemn this action in the strongest possible terms, and I appeal to you to do likewise,' Annan told the council. 'I'm deeply dismayed that my earlier calls for immediate cessation of hostilities were not heard, with the result that innocent lives continue to be taken and innocent civilians continue to suffer,' he said." Maybe that's because America, Britain, and Israel know you're a lying, terrorist loving piece of crap masquerading as a human being and they don't believe giving the terrorist group Hezbollah time to regroup is a good idea? You seem to forget that hiding among civilians and using them to shield your fighters is against your precious Geneva and Hague Conventions. Or maybe you don't care as long as someone's paying you off?

There's so much more moral equivalence available in both stories, but the gist is that the AFP is so outrageous in their slant that they in effect are cheerleading for the terrorist enemy. The AP isn't much better, but most of the vitriolic responses by those governments that support terrorism are absent from their (slightly) better version. Either way, the world seems to be lining up against the actions of Israel for whatever reason. (Jew hatred?)

The fact of the matter is this: All casualties are the fault and responsibility of the initiator of the hostilities: Hezbollah. Anything that happens is upon their heads, not those who respond to the attacks. Everyone can see - though of course many deny it - who the aggressor is. They started it, and they will have to see it through to the end. Their end, hopefully.

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