Monday, July 31, 2006

Bolton Obstructed By Dems Again

Enemy Press Reuters reports that the Senate Foreign Relations Committee has delayed a vote on John Bolton's appointment as our Ambassador to the Turtle Bay Tyranny Society.

Because the Republicans control the Senate, the minority Democrats don't have the votes to force a delay. Who on the Republican side backed their call? The story doesn't indicate, however, it does show that the Democrats cannot be trusted with the levers of power. Ambassador Bolton has shown himself a strong defender of the United States and he clearly states the problems in the Middle East are caused by terrorist groups, not Israel. Harry Reid, the incompetent Minority Leader, has no clue that the job of the ambassador is to represent our views, not the enemy's. "A spokesman for Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid of Nevada said Democrats will decide after the committee vote on whether to work again to block Bolton's confirmation, as they did successfully last year." Bizarre. Perhaps his deranged Bush hatred is clouding his judgment. Unfortunately for Hater Harry's dreams, it appears that a former opponent, Sen Schumer of New York now sees that Bolton is right for the job. "Sen. Charles Schumer on Sunday said he doubts Democrats this time would be able to muster the 41 votes in the 100-member Senate needed to block the nomination. The New York Democrat also said he was reviewing his own position, after voting last year to block him, because Bolton has been a 'staunch and very good defender of Israel' at the United Nations."

Of course they can't leave that line alone. Here's the finish: "Bolton was getting help from the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, the powerful lobbying organization that has publicly praised him as a 'strong advocate for the U.S. on issues that matter to the pro-Israel community.'" Uh Oh, the "Jews" want the man in, we'd better keep him out.../eye roll

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