Monday, July 31, 2006

Castro On The Final Approach To Hell?

The Enemy Press AP reports at that Fidel Castro, murderer and hero to Democrats, has apparently given up power as the result of physical problems. At this time there's been reports of glee in Little Havana and quiet in Cuba.

"Castro said he would also temporarily delegate his duties as first secretary of the Communist Party of Cuba to Raul, who turned 75 in June and who has been taking on a more public profile in recent weeks." Yes, Castro Junior is reported to be taking over, as seen below.

Of course it wouldn't be an Enemy Press story without the usual fawning lies about Castro's illegitimate regime. "Meanwhile, Cuban revolutionaries opened 10,000 new schools, erased illiteracy, and built a universal health care system. Castro backed revolutionary movements in Latin America and Africa." I'm sure all this will be in the many reverent eulogies the man receives from the leftists around the world when he finally takes up his new abode. These praises for the Castro junta must becoming rote for the press as they forget what their point is and accidentally tell a partial truth about it. "But former liberties were whittled away as labor unions lost the right to strike, independent newspapers were shut down and religious institutions were harassed." I said partial, because no mention of the thousands of deaths caused by the hero of America Haters.

Sadly, we've heard the news of Castro's impending death multiple times, so until the word is actually given by the government of Cuba, it's best just to keep up with what's going on and wait to pop the corks until the announcement is made. Meanwhile, keep up with Castro news at these fine blogs: Babalu Blog, and Killcastro.

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