Monday, July 24, 2006

CNN - Always Lovin' The Enemy....

Enemy Press Network CNN let terrorist group Hizbollah use the Anderson Cooper 360 program as a propaganda outlet. The program has a blog at which chronicled a day with terrorists.

"Hezbollah invited us to come see them again; it's the second time in as many days." I wonder why? Because you give such good service to their cause?

1944: CNN was invited by the German Propagandaministerium to visit western France where Allied bombing and attacks have destroyed the French countryside and many houses.

"Our team of Anderson, Neil, producer Tommy Evans and I arrive at the site of a bridge that's been blown to pieces by Israeli bombs...This is a poor neighborhood and new construction clearly doesn't come here often. The buildings are heavily damaged, though, and it seems unlikely they'll ever be completed."

1944: We visited a little village inside the Normandy region that was bombed heavily by the Allied offensive, it appears life will never get back to normal German occupation here.

"We're standing on what used to be a residential street. It's now a mess of wires and rubble. Smoke is still rising off the debris. Bombs have smashed nearly a quarter mile of this area and there's virtually nothing left. There's a twisted tire from a children's bike here, some compact disks from someone's collection there. Anderson is doing a few stand-ups, but the Hezbollah representative leading the tour is telling us it's time to move on. We tell him we want to talk to some people who lived here, who witnessed what happened. "Not here," he says. "Maybe at our next stop."

1944: Residences are in ruins everywhere in the aftermath of the continued Allied attacks. Scenes of utter destruction are everywhere. The Allies are dropping ordnance indiscriminately to attack German positions among the populace.

"Our car is being led through back streets to a broken-down building with five ambulances parked in front. 'These are the emergency workers who respond to casualty calls when Israel drops their bombs,' the Hezbollah man says. 'Take your pictures and talk to some of them if you'd like.'"

1944: We've been taken to an area staffed by neutral SS red cross workers. Our ministerium escort tells us to feel free to talk to these humanitarian aid workers as they have some free time during this respite from the unceasing Allied attacks.

"We're growing tired of what is now obviously a dog-and-pony show, but we decide to play along, and approach one driver with a few questions." You just noticed now?! A ray of sunshine coming through the clouds? Oh, but wait, you didn't pack up and leave did you? "Anderson asks him what kind of casualties he's seeing, but before he can answer, the ambulance beside us turns on his siren and screeches out, followed by the next ambulance, then the next. It's a well coordinated and not-so-subtle piece of propaganda that might as well come with a soundtrack titled 'Hezbollah Cares.'" Available at

1944: We wondered if the SS uniforms worn by the workers might mean they're not really aid workers, but we continued to talk to them anyway. Right at that moment, air raid sirens went off and the red cross workers went to rescue some children.

"We're now driving through a neighborhood that hasn't seen any bombing, but it's here we're told we can talk to some residents...They tell us they're a mother, her son and his wife. There's no way to know if it's true. (Ya think?) The conversation follows a familiar pattern:

"Are you scared?"


"Will you fight?"

"To the death!"

"Do you hate Israel?"

"Of course, and its mother America!"

We thank them for their insights and move back up to the street."

1944: We're just outside Paris now where no attacks have occurred. We've been allowed to talk to members of Service d'ordre l├ęgionnaire who've tragically been involved in some horrible bombing attacks by Allied forces. We ask them of they are afraid. "No, we'll protect the true French government at Vichy with our lives!" Who is your enemy? "All the Allied Powers who keep interfering in our country. We have a right to kill those we don't like and to love our German overlords." We thank them for their insights.

The post ends with a few comments about how they finally realize the story isn't the situation, but that their visit was for propaganda purposes only. At least they noticed that. Perhaps some people at CNN understand that Hezbollah and their ilk use media to further their goals, and unfortunately some networks go along with it, to maintain "access" of course.

All this is apparently lost however on the commenters:

"After reading this I can see why Hezbollah doesn't see many CNN reporters. All you did is belittle their Propaganda efforts. But I haven't noticed the same snide comments directed at the obvious Israeli Propaganda. Could that be because you side with the Israeli's,hmmm!

Posted By Bob,Austin,Texas : 12:14 PM ET"

"Well, Hezbollah could be good or bad. But, that doesn't change the fact that, American made bombs, killed inocent (sic) people in the that they showed you.

Posted By Bill, NYC, NY : 12:29 PM ET"

And this guy can't seem to make up his mind what to say:

"You also have to see it from their point of view. They don't know you are not feeding information, purposefully or not, to the IDF, so it seems to me they are testing you. CNN should be one of their most important routes for telling the world their story. (Howse about not telling their story at all?) Maybe you did not realize it but you gave teh (sic) location of the 10:40 am meeting point to the IDF. There are an unlimited number of bombed bridges in Lebanon in poor neighborhoods next to two high rise apartment buildings under construction. I know you are trying to give readers details and I crave for that, but Hezbollah may not like it. (By all means, let's not upset them!) Do not give up because of anger or resentment for Hezbollah making you jump through those hoops. They NEED you to give their story to the world. At the same time they need to show you more respect, so be strong to a point and be respectful of them. You will get the true story and the whole world NEEDS to learn it. (Huh? The truth will never come from terrorist groups. A steamier load of muddle headed thinking will be harder to find than this commenters words.)

Posted By John Wright, Minneapolis, MN : 12:31 PM ET"

There's more, but at least there are also some right headed thinkers commenting too. Read the whole thing.

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