Monday, July 17, 2006

Criminal Rep Cunningham Rightly Left Off Of Tribute Program, Dem Leader Still Takes Ball, Goes Home Crying

The Pocono Record reports an Enemy Press AP story about a tribute program for retiring Congressional Reps. It seems that the group which organizes these events had listed disgraced California Rep Duke Cunningham on the program. So after getting her dried up old panties in a crusted bunch, the leading House Democrat, Nancy Pelosi whined and refused to attend.

The US Capitol Historical Society has decided however to remove convicted Rep Cunningham from the honor list. This is assuredly the right thing to do. Rep Cunningham didn't retire after all, he was convicted of criminal activity. Therefore he doesn't belong. Unfortunately for the extremist Dem, Tom DeLay remains on the program and will not be removed. This led to the predictable emotional outburst from one of the leading female reps minions. "But despite complaints from Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., the U.S. Capitol Historical Society is keeping former Majority Leader Tom DeLay on the program for Wednesday's annual event. So despite the group's about-face on Cunningham, Pelosi still won't attend the event or let her name be used as a co-host, her spokesman said. 'DeLay left Congress under indictment,' said spokesman Brendan Daly. 'The Ethics Committee said they would have investigated him if he weren't leaving.'"

Poor Dems, indictment isn't conviction remember? Otherwise a certain former high executive from a Southern state wouldn't be welcome anywhere would he? Amazingly, the people in charge of this event didn't back down from this attempted bullying. "Ronald A. Sarasin, president and chief executive of the historical society, said that DeLay is 'entitled to the presumption of innocence' as he awaits trial in a state campaign finance case in Texas." Those little facts keep getting in the way of those Democrat rants don't they?

"DeLay probably will stop by the event, said his daughter and spokeswoman, Dani DeLay Ferro. The spokeswoman said of Pelosi, 'She will be missed.'" Not really, but see how the Republicans are at least civil when referring to the deranged demands of the extremist Dem leadership....

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