Monday, July 17, 2006

Dems - As Usual - File Suit To Protect Election Fraud

The Enemy Press AP reports in the Rockford Register Star that Democrats and their allies in the supposed non partisan ACLU went to court to block a Missouri law that requires voters to provide picture ID prior to voting.

"Under the law, voters starting this November will need a photo ID issued by either the state of federal government, such as a driver's license, to cast a regular ballot. Those lacking IDs can cast provisional ballots, which would count if their signatures matched those on file with election authorities." Many states allow provisional ballots. The fact that Missouri "law provides for free photo IDs that voters can obtain before Election Day," negates any charge that the poor or minorities are disenfranchised by this law. Laziness is no excuse for failing to acquire ID.

Predictably the Dem leaders whine and cry: "'Our overall concern is that the new law is going to leave people out who want to vote, who deserve to vote and who are qualified to vote,' said Anthony Rothert, legal director of the American Civil Liberties Union of Eastern Missouri, whose group announced the lawsuit." Yeah, "people who want to vote" can go get a free ID, people "who deserve to vote" can go get a free ID, people "who are qualified to vote" can go get a free ID. Oops, I forgot, illegal aliens, felons, and the dead can't get ID now can they?

It's all the same. Democrats can't stand the scrutiny of the voter rolls and still expect to win in most non-moonbat areas. They have no ideas except "vote for me because I'll open the treasury to you" or "America is bad, help us destroy it." Sorry. As the leadership of the Democrat party edges closer to open espousal of communistic platforms, they'll increasingly need pliant and freedom hating judges to do their dirty work. The voters won't do it for them anymore.

It may take a while - and it may never happen - but only the complete destruction or at least reorganization of the Democrat party will be needed to earn them votes to gain national power again. Dump the Bush Haters and the fringe whackos, then perhaps voters might grace you with their votes again.

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