Monday, July 31, 2006

Dems Raise White Flag Again

The Enemy Press AP reports in The Daily Astorian that the America hating Dem leadershit is again calling on President Bush to surrender to the so-called insurgents in Iraq. Of course there's no reason to expect anything else from those who would prefer we be seen to lose just to gain political power.

All of the sinister left leaders in the House and Senate are demanding that America withdraw troops from Iraq under the pretence of cost and concern for the troops. "Key Democratic leaders in the House and Senate have united to call on President Bush to begin pulling U.S. troops out of Iraq by the end of the year, citing an overtaxed military, billions of dollars spent and ongoing sectarian violence." Here's their brilliant plan: "'U.S. forces in Iraq should transition to a more limited mission focused on counterterrorism, training and logistical support of Iraqi security forces and force protection of U.S. personnel,' the Democrats wrote." Sounds like exactly what the Administration has already said they plan to do. However, President Bush is relying on the opinions of the ground commanders while the Democrats are pinning their hopes on perfumed princes with magic hats and disgraceful ex-marines.

While America desires that our troops come home as soon as possible, it is very obvious that setting deadlines does nothing to solve the problems there, but exacerbates them. None of that matters however to those who lust after a return to power. If they were to succeed it will be a dangerous time for America.

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