Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Enemy Press NYT Changes Look, Lies About Cause

The Enemy Press AP reports in the Virginian-Pilot website that the Enemy Press New York Times is cutting the size of its paper to "bring the paper's size in line with what is becoming an industry standard. USA Today, the nation's largest-selling daily, already prints on the smaller size, and Dow Jones & Co.'s Wall Street Journal, the No. 2-selling daily, is moving to the smaller size early next year."

Bollocks! The sinking ship is desperately trying to stave off financial ruin as more and more people see it for the mouthpiece of evil it is and refuse to buy or read it. The company also plans to close a printing plant and permanently eliminate over 200 jobs. Just to get in line with the "industry standard?" Not likely. A lie will do as well as the truth I suppose and they seem to prefer the lie these days. "The changes at The New York Times will go into effect by the second quarter of 2008, the company said in a statement early Tuesday, and will save about $42 million a year. The job cuts account for about one-third of the Times' total production work force of 800." Why the focus on the cost savings? Because they are having difficulties. These changes have nothing to do with industry standards, just saving money. They are losing subscribers and credibility. Even investors will start dumping the stock if the performance continues its downward spiral.

Of course it's not all bad news. "The size reduction alone would have meant a loss of 11 percent of the space devoted to news, but the newspaper plans to add pages to make up for about half of that loss, the Times reported in a story in Tuesday editions. 'That's a number that I think we can live with quite comfortably,' Bill Keller, the Times' executive editor, was quoted by the Times as saying. Keller said the 5 percent reduction in news space would require tighter editing and putting some news in digest form." So America sees about five pages of lies not being printed and digest form news is harder to fake, plus the Times has indicated they might actually use editors!

Keller slips and confirms the real reason for the changes. "'It's painful to watch an industry retrench,' Keller said. 'But this is a much less painful way to go about assuring our economic survival than cutting staff or closing foreign bureaus or retrenching our investigative reporting or diluting the Washington bureau.'" Wait a minute, you just finished saying you were making changes to match up with the new industry standards??! Were you lying...well, sure they were.

Mr Keller, don't be too sure that at least truth wouldn't be served by cutting your staff and bureaus....

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