Monday, July 03, 2006

Glad To Be Rid Of Britain?

The Telegraph shows how out of touch and resigned to their increasing totalitarian state the majority of Britons are, at least those who elect to participate in polls. Unfortunately, we aren't told exactly what questions were asked, but Britain apparently hates us now.

"Britons have never had such a low opinion of the leadership of the United States, a YouGov poll shows. As Americans prepare to celebrate the 230th anniversary of their independence tomorrow, the poll found that only 12 per cent of Britons trust them to act wisely on the global stage. This is half the number who had faith in the Vietnam-scarred White House of 1975. Most Britons see America as a cruel, vulgar, arrogant society, riven by class and racism, crime-ridden, obsessed with money and led by an incompetent hypocrite."

You sure they weren't talking about France?

"More than two-thirds who offered an opinion said America is essentially an imperial power seeking world domination. And 81 per cent of those who took a view said President George W Bush hypocritically championed democracy as a cover for the pursuit of American self-interests." And they know this how? By the gulags we keep? By the tribute we demand from our allies? Or because we don't let our people vote?

The truth is probably closer to this than what the poll respondents think: "A spokesman for the American embassy said that the poll's findings were contradicted by its own surveys. 'We question the judgment of anyone who asserts the world would be a better place with Saddam still terrorizing his own nation and threatening people well beyond Iraq's borders.'"

Ah, Shoot! also questions their sanity.

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