Monday, July 17, 2006

NetherRegions, er, Netherlands Judge Approves Pedophile Party reports an Enemy Press AP story out of the Netherlands where a Dutch judge has allowed the formation of a party dedicated to legalizing Pedophilia.

There is to be absolutely no linking of cause and effect from allowing gay "marriage" to be considered the equal of real marriage. This blog refuses to allow anyone reading or hearing about this post or thinking about talking to someone else about this or any other post to connect the two together whatsoever. Nothing like this will ever happen in America. Gay "marriage" will be the only thing allowed. Slippery slopes don't exist. If you say or think otherwise you are doubtless a bigot, a racist, a homophobe, a Christer, and all other sorts of icky things like that.

Therefore put such things out of your mind. Or else we'll denounce you in print, in movies, in books, and pass laws outlawing your free speech rights. We will also consider jail as an option to silence your illegal dissent from what we have deemed a social good. Executions may follow, for your own good of course....

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