Tuesday, July 25, 2006

NYC Mayor Sued For Breaking Gun Laws

Instapundit has a link to an article in the NY Sun concerning a Georgia gun dealer who was a target of Mayor Bloomberg's possibly illegal anti-gun "stings" he directed outside of his jurisdiction.

"A Georgia gun dealer that Mayor Bloomberg sued as part of his effort to get firearms off the city's streets hit the mayor with a lawsuit of his own yesterday, saying Mr. Bloomberg slandered his business and broke federal law." Well, let's see how Hizzoner - perhaps some day to become Prizzoner - the Mayor likes that. It seems he thinks it's a joke. "Mr. Bloomberg, who is leading a national coalition of mayors to push for stronger laws against illegal guns, dismissed the suit as a 'publicity stunt.' 'I'm just thrilled that he sued me,' Mr. Bloomberg said with a smile at Gracie Mansion. 'We're on the right side of this. I think we have a responsibility to uphold the laws, and a publicity stunt like that is not going to overshadow the fact that a small number of reckless gun dealers are selling guns that are committed in crimes and we have young men and women that are dying here in this city.'"

Funny, I thought federal law considers it a felony to commit a "straw purchase," that is, purchasing the gun for someone else who cannot buy one. It seems that's exactly what the Mayor's minions did when they conducted their "sting" in another state. "The complaint — which also names the city's police commissioner, Raymond Kelly;wah (sic) the mayor's criminal justice coordinator, John Feinblatt, and the city's chief lawyer, Michael Cardozo — invokes the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act and claims that city officials conspired to deceive the store into selling the gun. The result, the suit said, was that the dealer was 'maliciously' libeled and slandered." The city mouthpiece later tries to justify the Mayor's actions. "Mr. Feinblatt said the city followed the law in its investigation and that law enforcement has an obligation to act." That could be true if the BATFE was involved, but that doesn't relieve the city of following gun laws, and they city had no jurisdiction in Georgia to break the law. New York City has no right to investigate federal cases undercover and break federal law in the process.

The Mayor seems to be full of glee right now thinking he'll win the lawsuit. If the city does prevail, does that now mean law abiding gun dealers in freer states that trust their citizens to own and operate guns will be targets of those who hate firearms? Will thugs from Chicago start showing up in other states to try to run legal gun dealers out of business because they hate the freedom the Second Amendment recognizes American's have? Hopefully, the Mayor of New York is soundly beaten in this lawsuit. Many states are influenced by the actions of larger ones. Will the smaller, more gun friendly states be cowed into changing their laws because of possibly illegal actions from those who don't trust their citizens? Although there is legitimate concern for curbing violent crimes, it is chilling to think that a right guaranteed by the Constitution could be overturned by the fear of criminal activity and enforced by those who have no right to enforce it.

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