Sunday, July 23, 2006

A Satanic Damascus Road

The Enemy Press Time Magazine posts an anti-American's "Damascus Road" journey. Alluding to Saul/Paul's vision of God and his conversion to Christianity, enemy sympathizer Andrea Stanton tells of her journey deep into her self and instead of turning to good, praises the evil infesting the area.

The self described doctoral student from Iowa tries to impart an equivalence between her prior life in America and her new life among the lovers of Hezbollah. "Damascus is my favorite Middle Eastern city. I love it not only for what locals call in English its 'touristic' qualities, but also for the ones that remind me of my home in Iowa: both societies share an appreciation for tight-knit families and lifetime friendships; socially conservative 'family values'; and traditional comfort foods, with shish taouk and mezze standing in for the steak and salad dinners that dominated Iowa's menus when I was a child." Aw, how nice. Just wonder how these people even have time to think up new ways to cause bloodshed when they're so busy doing the "middle American" thing.

"I came here from Beirut a week ago, in the aging Volvo of a Syrian named Ali, a kind middle-aged Shi'ite who has driven my friends and me back and forth between the two cities many times. His knowledge of Lebanon's roads is matched only by his devotion to Hizballah. I would have trusted no other driver to bring me safely past the Israeli jets bombing our road. But fleeing Lebanon in a car decorated with the photograph of Hizballah leader Sheik Hassan Nasrallah while listening to Manar radio's 'support the resistance' call-in chat show gave new meaning to the word surreal." Funny, when St Paul traveled to Damascus, he ended up in the company of godly people. Our author ended up in the company of those who support the terrorist group Hezbollah. But at least he was "kind." What an idiot! An enemy sympathizing idiot! But let's not stop there shall we....

"We had stopped the car on a side road so that Ali could hand over his Lebanese mobile-phone chip to a friend heading into the country. The delay turned out to be a godsend. (or the other guysend) When Ali started the car again, it was to flee the bombs hitting the main road on our right. We sped away with the other cars, and I watched people running away on foot from the rear window as Ali reminded me to praise God for our safety." And just who did you pray to? Were you in a burka? Later she recalled "After Ali and I exchanged our goodbyes, thanking God for our safe passage, I dropped my bags at a friend's house in Damascus and walked to my favorite lunch place - where I knew I could comfortably dine alone without being stared at." So this idiot, er, doctoral student, praised Allah? She conveniently never tells us exactly who she prayed to or praised for her safe arrival. One thinks that this supposedly educated western woman wouldn't pray to Jesus. Not the sophisticate's style these days you know. No, it's likely she just followed Ali's lead and bowed down or said some Islamic prayer because she's "with it" and cultured and it's all the same god anyway. How can this be examined? Well, read what she said just before thanking God (Allah?): " I remembered to bring the July Vogue for the wait at the border;" Uh huh. This shining example of the educated idiot doesn't seem to understand that Vogue would be shut down by her "kind" Hezbollah supporters and the writers probably killed if they took control of America.

After all this background blather, the smarter than you student gets to the real point. "Israel features frequently in political conversations, but only via euphemisms or circumlocutions. Now, though, with Israeli tanks massing (yeah, a brigade is a "mass" alright....) at the Lebanese border and Israeli warplanes continuing their strikes throughout the country, there is no way to avoid these words. I wonder what consequences, if any, this change will bring - whether Syrians' ability to name the enemy (yeah, Israel is the enemy to her) will make Israel and its people more real and easier to relate to." Well, at least she gave it a try to sound balanced. Here goes the balance: "At the moment, however, this newfound recognition of reality seems to have only one result: strengthening Syrians' support for Hizballah, whatever the consequences for Lebanon. (be warned Israel, Hezbollah will fight to the last Lebanese!) I see posters of Nasrallah plastered on private cars and police motorcycles, and the yellow of the Hizballah flag darts across my vision wherever I look. The support is genuine - the average Syrian is much more passionate about the Palestinian cause than the most ardent Lebanese - as is the anger at Israel, and at the United States. But it is a targeted anger."

Fine, then it's out in the open. Syria is supporting Hezbollah. The Syrians support terrorism. They support the murder of non-combatants in pizza parlors. They support bombing buses. Then they must be willing to accept the consequences. The consequences could mean attack by Israel. Not that it's likely, but they have allied themselves with the terrorists.

Our intrepid reporter and scholar tells about the anger directed at America. But not her of course. That's because she's an enemy sympathizer, they'll deal with her later, but she's (a) useful (idiot) now. "When I stopped at my favorite mini-grocery store to pick up some milk, the shopkeeper was in the middle of a conversation with friends. 'I hope the American Administration falls because of this,' he told them. 'I hope Bush falls.' Seeing me, the blonde foreigner, he asked where I was from. I told him: American, but living in Beirut. He smiled and said: 'American! Welcome! We hate your government, but we love the American people. You know, we all want to live there!' Syrians have told me this for years, whenever I reveal my nationality. It was reassuring to know that at least for now they still feel the same way: affection for Americans, antipathy towards our foreign policy. As long as they are willing to make this distinction, I am still happy to think of Damascus as my home away from home." Gee, thanks you traitorous piece of work. Too bad you were too busy going into orgasms over his denunciation of our government to take time to educate him about how the American government works. Because you couldn't take time out from your enjoyment of his words to tell him, I'll tell him: Governments don't "fall" here. They serve out their term, this ain't a Parliamentary system. Oh, and by the way. You can't hate the government and love the people. The people are the government. Except in the case of the college educated who hate their own country. They seem to think they people aren't the government.

The smug self congratulations continues: "On the day of the kidnappings and the initial Israeli response, I met with an American professor friend to discuss a non-partisan American voter-registration drive we were organizing in the Bekaa Valley. I had volunteered at a similar event in May, at which we processed over 100 voter registration and absentee ballot requests from expatriates and Lebanese-Americans." Why do I get the feeling she wasn't signing up any Republicans or Libertarians? Oh, this is why: "The first drive had been held in Achrafiyeh, Beirut's most upscale Christian neighborhood. Holding the second in the Bekaa would allow us to reach more Sunni, Shia, and Druze Lebanese-Americans - a chance to demonstrate one of the American ideals I love most: that our diversity is our strength, and that we value all citizens, regardless of race or religion." And the kicker.... "Those ideals, of course, often aren't honored; the most recent instance of that, in my mind, came late last week, when President Bush insisted upon Israel's right to defend itself, and by doing so put the lives of the 25,000 to 30,000 American citizens in Lebanon, not to mention the millions of native Lebanese, at great risk." Bingo!!! The whole reason for the Damascus Road!!! President Bush is evil because he allows that Israel has a right to defend itself from attack. This cunt, pardon the language, equates self defense for the Jews with denying American ideals. Sorry, this whore for Hezbollah reveals her true colors. She, in effect, declares Israel's existence is opposed to the American ideal "that our diversity is our strength, and that we value all citizens, regardless of race or religion." Good God! It's true. Nothing is so stupid and outrageous or evil that you can't get an academic to support it!

Israel is the only truly democratic state in the region. How many other states allow freedom of worship? Not many. Ever try to go to a church in Saudi Arabia? Oh, wait, you can't, there aren't any allowed there. No, Israel is an ally who has the same ideals of freedom that America has. Hezbollah and the Islamic countries do not. The denizens of those countries are oppressed in reality, not the kind of oppressions that so-called "progressives" must endure each day in George Bush's Amerikkka.

Some last words from this idiot wackademic: "But if this conflict continues much longer, Lebanon will have no chance of remaining the special place it is - and I will have to stay in Damascus, a city I do love, for all the wrong reasons." Great, we don't really need you anyway. But say, what are those "wrong reasons"? She doesn't say. However, from the rest of her screed, we can only assume she means that Israel will have wiped out Hezbollah. I'm sure she'll shed bitter tears.

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