Monday, July 31, 2006

Senator Kerry Tries His Magic Hat On Healthcare Issues

Dull, Stentorian Senator John Kerry blathered about his new "secret plan" to provide healthcare to everyone in the country, according to the San Angelo Standard Times. The Enemy Press AP story reports that "Sen. John Kerry on Monday proposed requiring all Americans to have health insurance by 2012, 'with the federal government guaranteeing that they have the means to afford it.'"

Well, at least we don't have to elect him first to hear what his plans are.... Essentially, his plans are the same communist plans every other socialist has proposed for the last century. It's for your own good, and we'll back up our 'humanitarianism' by the threat of force if necessary! Oh, and by the way, it's free, but we'll raise taxes to pay for it.... "The senator said his plan will lead to universal coverage by 2012, 'but if we're not there by 2012, we will require that all Americans have health insurance, with the federal government guaranteeing they have the means to afford it.'" How generous with other people's money you are Senator! No opt out available of course. Who the hell are you to tell us that we must be covered by health insurance?! An authoritarian who believes he's your superior.

It's generally agreed that Kerry will try to run again, but the weak horse will probably not win the nomination this time. However, let's not miss this chance to bash the haughty aristo. "It's unfortunate that John Kerry's bitterness over losing the election clouds his ability to recognize the president's prescription drug plan is providing millions of seniors with more affordable medicine,' said RNC spokeswoman Tracey Schmitt." Yep, poor old Kerry. His dreams of ultimate power fizzled last election and he'll fail again this time. Perhaps you should schedule a visit to France to help yourself feel better. Just forget to come back.

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