Friday, July 28, 2006

Spain To Pay Reparations To Victims Of Spanish Civil War

The Enemy Press AP reports through Yahoo News that the appeasement government in Spain has decided to pay reparations to "All victims of the civil war launched by Franco's revolt against the republican government and his dictatorship — including exiles, former prisoners and relatives of those executed — would have a year to request reparations. A total of $25 million would be made available for payments."

How soon will people in this country demand reparations for...nevermind. So the cowardly socialist government has decided to pay money up to $25 million? Considering the scope of the fighting and its aftermath, there are probably over a million people who would be eligible for the payment. A whole measly twenty five bucks. Never let it be said that socialists aren't compassionate, darn it!

The idea is bad for multiple reasons. Inability to prove eligibility for starters. Also, "After Franco's death in 1975, Spaniards adopted what has been called a pact of silence to not focus on unhealed wounds, preferring instead to work toward rebuilding a shattered nation." But then again, that's what socialists do. They think perhaps they can reopen old wounds and take political advantage by purchasing votes.

The most dangerous aspect of this plan is the inevitable call from radical Islamic groups to demand payment for their losses when they were chased out of Spain. It's possible that's the whole idea of the socialist government. Appease those who would kill them. It's how they got into office in the first place.

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