Monday, July 03, 2006

"V is for vittles--and victory!"

Opinion Journal's Best of the Web posts this little 4th of July morsel. Seems a possibly whack-job shrimper named Diane Watson has told Code Pinko (no link please) that she has decided to stop eating to protest the evilification of America. Because you see, this poor BDS sufferer thinks that President Bush is the source and fount of all evil in this country and he's leading us into a non-progressive hell hole like heaven. Or something like that, you can never tell with some people.

She wants you to stop eating solid food and hopefully, if we wish really hard, the anti-war fairy will come and stop this war! These fairies may also stop the villain Bush from attacking other peaceful, loving countries like Iran and Venezuela. Home to the docile wouldn't hurt a flea mullahs and Hugego Chavez.

Click your heels together and say three times: There's no place like a Bush free America....

Or, if you prefer, grill a nice thick steak tomorrow. With shrimp even. Or have an all meat pizza. Chow down on some "beef" hotdogs. Heh, make them kosher just to irritate the progressives even more! Then shoot off some guns. Eat more meat, then shoot the guns again. Set off fireworks or watch some, listen to the Star Spangled Banner, the Battle Hymn of the Republic, and some soul stirring JP Souza march on a Fourth of July Program. Go shoot off your gun again. Have a midnight snack of Hickory Farms beef stick and top it off with another blast before going to bed. Do it for the children....

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