Tuesday, July 11, 2006

War Is Lost - We've Surrendered

This blog never believed the next line would ever be posted, except for a post about the enemy. President Bush has surrendered to the enemy. The GWOT is over. These murderous extremists we face today have now been given all protections. We no longer will prosecute this war as it should be. The enemy will now be emboldened to commit any atrocity, undertake any heinous act, slay anyone with impunity. All they'll have to do is surrender when they face our troops. They will now be fed and housed and eventually released to begin their actions anew.

This is a shameful day in our history. The final push for our destruction has begun. The enemy within will now have no check on undermining our war effort. The only way to possibly change this outcome is by Congress passing laws to stop the Geneva Conventions from applying to all terrorists. Not likely however. From the Enemy Press AP story through azcentral.com: "Word of the Bush administration's new stance came as the Senate Judiciary Committee opened hearings Tuesday on the politically charged issue of how detainees should be tried. 'We're not going to give the Department of Defense a blank check,' Republican Sen. Arlen Specter of Pennsylvania, the committee chairman, told the hearing. Sen. Patrick Leahy of Vermont, the committee's top Democrat, said 'kangaroo court procedures' must be changed and any military commissions 'should not be set up as a sham. They should be consistent with a high standard of American justice, worth protecting.'"

Purported Republicans and Democrats in the Senate are itching to destroy this country by hamstringing our right and ability to wage aggressive war against a merciless, hate filled enemy. Both statements by the "Senators" quoted above are words of comfort to those who would destroy us. Listen you enemies in high office. Those who attack us are not in uniform. They rape, bomb, and murder without any regard to victims. They mutilate our troops and you want to give them milkbaths. They have no rights! They can be put to death without delay even after they surrender!

The sickness of America hatred has nearly completely infected those in office who were put there by God for our good. The Lord commands you to protect us. You have rejected His rules and substituted your rules. You continually mock those who believe and promote and aid every group and person who would impose a hate filled "tolerance" for all types of deviancy, criminality, and perversion. You are as guilty as those who shoot and behead our troops. You are the Enemy! The treasonous press is the Enemy.

Perhaps we can still win even with those in high office working against our good. Work hard for those who seek office with good intent. Do not support the national parties with money. Write letters to the President and your Congressional Representatives. Arm yourselves. Take a shooting class from the NRA or your local Community College or local gunshop. Find a range in your neighborhood and join. Practice shooting at least once a month. Buy a milsurp weapon. They are currently cheap and ammo seems to be plentiful. If these traitors among us try to openly attack our freedom, let them know fully the words of Admiral Yamamoto. "You cannot invade the mainland United States. There would be a rifle behind each blade of grass."

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