Thursday, July 06, 2006

We Are A Serious News Organization!

So let's run a story on Astrology! Enemy Press Network ABC ran a segment on Good Morning America this week about "signs." This story was apparently designed to capture the interest of the uneducated couch potatas sitting at home in curlers.

"'First of all, astrology is based on mathematical cycles,' said Susan Miller, who writes an astrology column for InStyle magazine and CosmoGirl." Well, no, but don't let that stop you. Astrology is based on the Ptolemaic design of the universe, you know where everything revolves around the earth. Which was proven scientifically to be incorrect by Copernicus. I just said scientifically to show the leftists that conservatives too use science to disprove fallacious thinking, like global warming. (I really just use the Bible to substantiate my claims. Oh, and only the KJV too...all other Bibles are false I say, false!...not really.)

Miller goes on to say what the attributes of each sign are. She tries to play up the hosts and they genially go along. Unfortunately for Miller, co-anchor Robin Roberts points out that Miller has a soft cast on one of her feet. She had been trying to hide it. The video available on has this exchange which is missing in the transcript.

Isn't this the most telling point about astrology? If this "science" was real, why didn't Miller know she was going to hurt herself? 'Cause it ain't real folks. Honestly, in this day and age how can anyone believe such foolishness. Funny innit. People will believe anything but deny reality. Crystals, pyramid power, chants, paganism, Gaia worship, all is believable, but don't you dare try to tell someone that God exists....

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