Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Idiot Bush's Clever Plot To Steal Public Funds! Er, No....

Here's a dandy story by the Enemy Press AP from The Ponca City News! It seems that the moron Bush has come up with another devious plan to oppress America by using public funds to help campaign for GOP candidates. "Bankrolled almost entirely by taxpayers, President Bush is roaming far and wide on Air Force One to help Republicans retain control of Congress and capture statehouse contests in high-stakes midterm elections."

Oh the inhumanity! Oh the inhumanity! Karl Rove must have spent hours getting this little conspiracy together to defraud the taxpayers. For paragraph after paragraph, Bush's diabolical plan to force progressives and other anti-war types to fund his own appearances through use of public money is detailed by the ever vigilant Enemy Press. "When Bush, Vice President Dick Cheney, first lady Laura Bush or any federal official helps a candidate, Federal Election Commission guidelines say the campaign must reimburse the government only the equivalent of a first-class fare for each political traveler on each leg of the trip. Typically, that means paying a few hundred or at most a few thousand dollars to cover the president and a couple of aides from the White House Office of Political Affairs." Here's more shenanigans. "And the White House requires reimbursement only if the president specifically advocates a candidate's election, for instance by headlining a fundraiser or a rally on their behalf. That means that staging appearances alongside the president - from Air Force One's jetway or at a policy event - costs a candidate nothing even though they can bask in the media spotlight."

How did Bush get this money grab through Congress? Did he blackmail representatives, or perhaps more insidiously, did the "Jewish Lobby" make backroom deals for this rape of the public treasury? Well, no. You see, after a few paragraphs of insinuations, the AP is finally forced to admit that these funding rules have been in effect since Reagan was President and both parties have used it to their advantage. Of course, saying that in the first place would have made this an interesting footnote, not a story to bash the President with during campaign season.

Nope, no story, just another attempt to cast aspersions on President Bush and try to help their friends in the Democrat party wrest away control of Congress from the Republicans. They cover these types of stories with glee, yet so many other stories could be told which aren't. Gotta keep the agenda going you know. Can't trust the voters to remain dissatisfied with the current administration, they may not vote "correctly" come election day.

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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Unfortunately For Dems, Americans Support Profiling

Quinnipiac University Polling Institute reports an interesting poll concerning airport screening. It seems that sixty percent of Americans support profiling and screening of "middle eastern looking" men. Considering nearly all of the terrorist incidents since 911 have been committed by people fitting this profile, it seems only prudent to continue to put more emphasis on those who fit this profile than to single out people randomly for searches.

Well, prudent to some anyway. "'It's an unfortunate by-product to the fear and hysteria we're hearing in many quarters,' said Ibrahim Hooper, communications director for the Council on American-Islamic Relations, a civil rights and advocacy organization. 'It's one of those things that makes people think they are doing something to protect themselves when they're not. They're in fact producing more insecurity by alienating the very people whose help is necessary in the war on terrorism,' he said." Right. We're doing nothing by examining those who belong to a group of people committing these acts. Except stopping those who are willing to commit them. It also seems strange that those people "whose help is necessary" never really seem to help. All they do is complain about non-existent hate directed their way.

"'You really need some indication of individualized concern before you target someone for closer examination,' said Dennis Parker, an ACLU director." Uh, no. Besides, any time there has been an incident, it has been based on the suspects activity, not on looks alone.

Considering the alternative to prosecuting the GWOT fully, it seems less than wise to give up any avenue to protect America. There are no true violations of civil liberties by profiling. No one is barred from traveling. Those who may fit the profile but be harmless are hardly inconvenienced by a small delay in passage of a gate. The true violation is the singling out of those who are patently not harmful in some laughable goal of appearing non-discriminatory. By all means, let's not become hysterical, but also let's be aware where the threat is coming from. Worrying about the reactions from shrill advocacy groups instead of the result of not investigating the perpetrators is folly.

Via Reuters

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Typical Leftist Blather, Mexico Candidate's Algore Stance

The communist candidate for Mexico's presidency lost the election and in typical leftist fashion, decried the truth and demanded to be declared the winner. Enemy Press Network CBS runs a story showing the connectedness of leftist thought worldwide as the loser, Andres Obrador, takes a page from loser Algore's playbook and whines, moans, and cries, then hints darkly of conspiracies. Followed by the inevitable "the regime is illegitimate" pronouncements.

"Mexico's leftist presidential candidate rejected a court decision upholding his rival's slim lead in the disputed July 2 race and called on his supporters not to recognize a government led by Felipe Calderon." Follow the Algore playbook: "The former Mexico City mayor claims fraud was responsible for Calderon's lead" and "He has said he would accept nothing less than a full recount, arguing it would reveal that he was the race's true winner." When you can't win at the ballot box, claim fraud. Of course, everyone knows that leftists are well versed in vote fraud.

No matter. The election officials did what was right, as did the election officials in Florida. "The judges repeatedly said they annulled only the ballots where it wasn't clear which party the voter was supporting, saying each challenge had to be specific and backed up by evidence." Right, no evidence of fraud, just wild claims because their guy didn't win. Expect nothing else from leftists, they demand that they be given power no matter the true election outcome. Standard Operating Procedure for those who hate freedom.

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Annan Peruses His Handiwork

Kofi Annan, the UN Secretary General, decided to take a look at the destruction his dithering and lack of backbone caused in southern Lebanon, according to Enemy Press Network CNN.

The Turtle Bay Tyrant Lover was quoted as saying, "'"Without the full implementation of resolution 1701 I fear the risk is great for a renewal of hostilities,' Annan told a news conference." Of course had other resolutions been enforced in the first place, the attacks wouldn't have occurred. A little bit of info that seems to escape notice by the deluded "leader."

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Rumsfeld Calls Out Enemy Press

Fox News reports on a visit to Reno by Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld and his correct impression that the Enemy Press better serves the terrorists than our own troops.

Nothing new there Mr Secretary. The Enemy Press always finds it easier to parrot the claims of the Islamist killers than to go out to discover the truth themselves. It's less dangerous to their neatly coiffed newsreaders to just repeat an enemy press release than it is to actually dig up news. Even when they do go out into the field, they get canned terrorist slant anyway.

Perhaps time would be better spent ignoring the regular media and visiting Michael Yon's blog for the truth about the battlefields.

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Thursday, August 24, 2006

How Dense Can CNN Be?

With all the hoohah about the deviant John Mark Karr being transported from known sex tour location, Thailand, you'd think Enemy Press Network CNN wouldn't then run a travelogue piece about buying stuff in Bangkok a few days later would you?

Well, then you'd be shocked to see this story today on Yep, "Bargains abound in Bangkok's maze of markets," according to the website. Just what kind of "bargains" was Karr looking for in "Bang-kok? Or is that "Bang-cock?"

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

The Gun Show Thing

The ubiquitous gun show. A fixture of Red - and sometimes, Blue - America. A place to waste a weekend taking in the sights while eating your jerky, drinking your sody pop out of your new licensed character sippy cup and wearing your Native American jewelry. When you're tired, find a nice vibrating recliner to relax in for a few. While being gently massaged, cast your eyes upon the books, trinkets, plates and crystal goblets available at this gun show. Table after table of John Wayne on velvet, and Elvis too! Toys of all types abound here. Old magazines, tin advertising signs, bric-a-brac, knick-knacks, and just plain junk piled on groaning tables. Why are they groaning? The sheer weight of the detritus of last month's craft show strains the tables this weekend. They're also forced to listen to the crank politician who's passing out his flyers. He's generally the one who's last in the polls by the way.

Oh, you're here for guns? There's a few tables around with guns, not many, but you might find one or two. Looking for a good deal on a Winchester? Sorry, all the vintage Winnies went up $400 when they announced the closing of the New Haven plant. Good luck finding one now. The one guy who has some never seems to sell one. Well, forget Winchesters then, how about a Henry? Nope, none about. Marlin? Maybe, but same price as the Winnies. They are amazing old guns though! Who couldn't wonder about who held these masterpieces in their hands during the last eighty or so years the gun's been around? Was it someone's old favorite hunting companion? Was it the backyard varmint killer? Did it spend its time gathering dust in the closet because grandma was afraid of it? They'll never tell, guns keep their secrets. One can only imagine the life it led.

Back to the search. Want a more modern gun? Are you the suburban commando type? Looking for a nice AR? Plenty of those around. Why on earth someone would choose a soul-less piece of plastic over a work of art in wood and metal is beyond comprehension. Well, yeah, they're more effective for their intended purpose. Notice the crowd around those guns? Not too many older shooters there, lot's of young ones. They always go for the fancy, newfangled stuff.

Not a long gun fan? Prefer handguns? There plenty of tables of used and new in box pistols and revolvers available. These tables always have a crowd. Why? Because a cross section of America gathers there. The handgun is the great equalizer. It serves moms and dads, people living in bad neighborhoods, the infirm, the elderly and the tempting targets. Black, White, Brown, Yellow and Red, all people are entitled to protection. The police can't be everywhere at all times and the people truly have a right to defend themselves, no matter what some politicians would have you believe. There are small caliber pocket guns, large caliber hand cannons and James Bond's Walther PPK. Semi-automatics and old police 38s are waiting for someone to give them a look. Try them out and see what fits you.

Once you've found your gun you need ammo. Take a look down the next row. All types and calibers of ammo to be found. Have a milsurp? Army surplus is available as well as brass, bullets, and primers for the reloader. Rifle, pistol and shotgun ammo in all types and at all price points are on the tables. Practice and self defense ammo is ready to go home with you.

So you're all set, but you decide you don't care for the hard grips on your new gun. Don't worry, the next table is full of accessories and aftermarket gadgets. Rubber grips are available for your gun. Spare magazines for your semi-auto too. Want a tactical light? You can find them here. Do you have trouble seeing the small sights on your new 45? Get a set of sights that fluoresce! Are the iron sights on your rifle too hard to use? Pick out a scope and mounts to help you bag that buck next hunting season. Into collecting military surplus rifles? Find that perfect bayonet for your Swiss K31 or Springfield '03. Need a sling or re-enactor equipment? You'll find uniforms, helmets, patches and more.

Now some people will shudder at the thought of all this gun goodness available to anyone who walks through the door. They fear your right to defend yourself. They declare that gun shows are the best way for criminals to arm themselves. Hogwash of course. Each and every gun show requires dealers to conduct federally required background checks before selling a gun to anyone. Some states are even more restrictive and create lists of guns it refuses to allow its denizens to possess. The gunshow is not the province of the redneck blasting beer cans and old cars out in the wilderness. It's the province of good, solid, upstanding citizens who understand their first line of defense is themselves, not a government agency. Unfortunately, there are those who know this, yet still will spend millions of dollars trying to take away your right to attend these shows and purchase self-protection from them. Some places will fold under the pressure and gun shows will disappear. It's in our interests and in the interest of freedom to fight them and maintain our access to our constitutionally protected rights.

So next weekend find a gun show in your area and go. And take a friend or neighbor and the kids. Liberty belongs to all of us.

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Purchased a little project a few days ago. Here's some shots of the before:

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

I'm Being Watched....

OK Stanny, you visit nearly every day, yet you don't speak. What do you think about this unimportant site? Leave a comment.

Anyone Still Here?

Yeah, me too. I guess Apollo didn't make it out of his hole today....

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Lie-berman Shows He's Still Not Independent

All the various pundits around the blogosphere have been up in arms about the treatment received by Senator Joe Lieberman from the extremist Democrats backing the weak on terror New Soviet Man, the Freshfaker, Ned Lamont.

Sure, this blog understands that Senator Lieberman has at least seen the truth about the crimes against various groups of people inside and outside Iraq by the Saddam regime and the need for its removal. However, this Enemy Press AP story posted at the Sentinal & shows Senator Lieberman calling for the resignation of Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld.

It should be clear to those who understand that Rumsfeld is the best person for the job that Sen Lieberman is only trying to pander to those voters who abandoned him in the Democrat primary. Lieberman isn't conservative, and during time of war America needs neither Joe nor Ned in a position to determine the course of the war. Who else is on the horizon to replace Rumsfeld? No one has indicated who they believe should replace him. An undersecretary? Some unknown politician? Some failed candidate? There are many well regarded former military men who may make a good Secretary, but as unknown quantities, they don't have time to be tested to see if they can even do the job.

Neither Democrat candidate is fit for office at this time in our history. Unfortunately, the Republican candidate is not even a serious contender. In fact, the White House doesn't even endorse him. That's too bad. America will get a Senator from Connecticut who really can't be trusted in the GWOT. Either Lamont wins and the extremist hate filled fringe of the Democrat party gets a voice in the Senate, or Lieberman gets re-elected and he votes "'90 percent of the time with a majority of Democrats....'" America cannot afford either choice. It seems, however, we will be saddled with one. Hopefully the least dangerous to this country is the one chosen.

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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Enemy Press Prints Sympathy Piece For Illegal Alien

The Enemy Press AP posted a story in the Washington Times about a so-called "immigration activist" who was ordered deported but ran to the nearest church to falsely claim sanctuary. "A prominent activist for illegal immigrants sought sanctuary in a church Wednesday rather than turn herself in for deportation, saying she fears being separated from her young son." Hey, how about both of you leaving? Her son is a minor and as yet has not entered into full citizenship with responsibilities anyway. There's no reason they both shouldn't be removed from the country.

Here's more about this law-breaker. "Arellano, who was deported shortly after illegally crossing into the United States in 1997, is president of United Latino Family, which lobbies for families that could be split by deportation." So what we have here is someone who's here illegally and runs a group who shills for those also in her condition. And it's probably funded by Democrats too....

Listen to her defense. "'I am single mom. My son, he is citizen,' Elvira Arellano, a Mexican national, said from just inside the doorway of Adalberto United Methodist Church. 'I am not terrorist. I am not criminal. I am mom. He is my son.'" Hmmm: "Arellano, who was deported shortly after illegally crossing into the United States...; she returned within days...;convicted of working under a false Social Security number...." Yep, no criminal activity here.... To be fair, one can feel sorry for her and her son, it's only natural to do so. However, what right does anyone have to come here? By law, none. Was she escaping government oppression? Was she targeted for death by a drug cartel? No answers to these questions are given. If she came here only for financial reasons all sympathy melts away. Millions of people would like to come here and be rich, all of them do not have the right to.

During wartime we need to strictly control entry into this country. Letting people stay because of children or long term illegal residence must be stopped as soon as possible. It's doubtful this will happen as we still see people similar to those who participated in 911 being granted free entry into America where they promptly disappear.

As seen later in the piece, Senator Dick Durbin has apparently championed her cause. "Sen. Dick Durbin, D-Ill., said he introduced a private bill that provided Arellano one stay in her deportation proceedings, but that there is nothing more he can do. 'It is an unfortunate truth that scores of people are in the same situation as Elvira and her family,' Durbin said in a statement. 'We cannot fix injustices of this system with private bills; only comprehensive immigration reform can permanently remedy this situation.'" A laughable response from someone who has no problem speaking for those who hate America. Closing the borders would be the perfect immigration remedy. But Durbin and his ilk wouldn't support that, might cost them votes. That's alright Dickie Boy, I'm sure the Democrat officials in Chicago can find some new Democrat votes in a box somewhere....

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Oh, That's A Heartbreaker....

I've waited and waited to purchase something that appealed to me. Finally achieved the objective. The item in question is beautiful, absolutely beautiful. I reveled in the workmanship, the elegance, and the history of said item. I took it apart to clean as best I could - all the heavy work will be done by someone else - and spent at least an hour on the project. Each piece I felt comfortable working on was given the attention it deserved.

Then this:

A gash, a horrible gash! Would it be a gash of doom? I posted on a few forums to ask those more knowledgeable than me and it seemed that the best course of action would be to contact the seller. I fired off an e-mail along with the picture and received a reply. The seller can't be sure from the picture, but I should send it back and have the experts look at it.

That, then, I'll do. If it's possible to ground off the separation and reuse the part, that's what'd I would prefer. I would grudgingly accept a new part, but that wouldn't be quite the same, especially if the date of manufacture is too far away from the rest of the item. Anyway, we'll see. Off to the Post Office!

Carter Son "Victory" Ain't Much

The Enemy Press AP posted a story about failed President Jimmy Carter's son Jack winning the Democrat primary yesterday in Nevada. To read it you'd expect some hard hitting election activity, but, well read the lede: "Presidential son Jack Carter easily won the Democratic primary to challenge U.S. Sen. John Ensign...."

That's about it dear readers. Jack Carter did "easily" win the contest to be defeated by Ensign in November, but it wasn't because he was a great candidate or hero to be seen all over the Silver State. No, Carter easily won because the only other Democrat in the primary was some extreme leftist with no money from the rural part of the state. Ruby Jee Tun had no money, claimed that because of her "moral compass" that she wouldn't take any, and just spouted the same old tired leftist confiscatory views of everything. No need to even elaborate on this failed candidate.

Nope, no great shakes for Carter - or anyone for that matter - to win a primary election like that. As soon as Jack's euphoria wears off from that hard hitting battle, he'll notice that he's already behind in the polls by twenty points, according to the Las Vegas Review-Journal. Now, it's possible he could make up some of that and this race could be tighter, but who in their right minds would want to bring back the Carter years? Jack Carter has not differentiated himself from the failed policies of his seemingly terrorist loving father. The Democrat party will try to tie Ensign to President Bush, but the Republicans have a more effective weapon: the failed presidency and policies of the only President to have been bitch-slapped out of office, James Earl Carter.

It may well be an interesting race, we'll see.

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Monday, August 14, 2006

More Stupidity From The Enemy Press

The Enemy Press AP is headlining a story thus: "Rockets Hit Lebanon Despite Cease-Fire" according to the Rockford Register Star.

So, lessee, cease fire means to stop hostilities. Firing rockets is considered a hostile activity. Therefore in reality, there's no cease fire. "Highlighting the fragility of the peace, Hezbollah guerrillas fired at least 10 Katyusha rockets that landed in southern Lebanon early Tuesday, the Israeli army said, adding that nobody was injured." Ok, so there was no response, that doesn't mean the rocket fire was not meant to injure anyone. Far from it. It's a signal that the cease fire means nothing to terrorists. They only accepted it because they were in fact being hit hard and needed to regroup. No matter what their friends in the media and western governments say, this cease fire is only meant to recover from their losses. Once they feel strong enough again, the rocket attacks will recommence.

Everyone knows it, yet there is much crowing among the international community, ie: Jew haters. They are walking around puffed up with their delusions of importance although they know the fighting will begin again. Certain people are probably just angling for a peace prize of some sort.

Same old stuff, nothing new. Move along here. We've got more important things to worry about. The NFL starts next month!

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Found this little item on a shelf at Wal-Mart this weekend. I've never heard of it before. It's made by Outers. I can't find anything on the website or in their on-line catalogue. Perhaps it's new, perhaps it's old.

Firing a sponge down the barrel to clean the gun?! Good idea? Bad idea? Any thoughts?

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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Back Next Week

Business calls. New posts next week.

Let's Play A Game Of "What's Missing?"

Considering the news from Britain about a possible terrorist plot against planes, it seems we need a little diversion to take our minds off the potential horror. Here's a game we all can play, ripped from today's headlines.

Take a look at this list of things banned from air travel:

Carry on bags (in Britain)


Hair gel



Cell Phones

I-pods and similar devices

So, what's missing from this banned list? Give your answer in the comments.

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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

China Dolls

The People's Daily Online posts a story about a robot created to interact with people at the "Sichuan Science Museum, where she will work as a receptionist and tour guide...."

"Li Chengrong, principal designer of the robot, said here Friday in an interview with Xinhua, 'The robot is the first human simulation robot in China, and she is equipped with the most advanced voice and movement control technologies and can interact with humans.'" Awww, how nice. I wonder how much of the technology was stolen, er given to China by the previous Administration?

It seems that this early robot will still need some tweaking. "The research group will further improve the robot after receiving feedback from buyers and visitors, Li said....They plan to start selling the robots next year, and potential customers would include star-rated hotels and entertainment clubs." And just what "entertainment clubs" would buy these? Hmmmm. I guess we'll see how lifelike she really is....

Oh, come on, you know someone will try!!!

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Sunday, August 06, 2006

Enemy Press And Elite Call You Stupid, Again

A vitriolic rant was welling to the surface and ready to explode when a sudden wave of ennui took over. The Enemy Press AP posted a story on the Vallejo Times Herald about the outrageous ideas held by the common herd. The peons, who should be guided at all times by their betters, seem to believe the idea that Saddam's Iraq possessed WMDs. The nerve of the hoi polloi! According to "a Harris Poll released July 21 found that a full 50 percent of U.S. respondents - up from 36 percent last year - said they believe Iraq did have the forbidden arms when U.S. troops invaded in March 2003, an attack whose stated purpose was elimination of supposed WMD. Other polls also have found an enduring American faith in the WMD story." Of course that "stated purpose" was only part of it. The Enemy Press knows it yet continues to peddle that lie.

Anyway, why the boredom? Because close reading of the story shows it's the same old claptrap from those who hate America and wish to see President Bush defeated someway, somehow. Outrage can only go so far, and at this point in time reacting to it isn't just as thrilling. Naturally the deception and outright lies of the media need to be counteracted with the truth, therefore click the link to the Times Herald and read the story yourself.

Just some background on the quoted players:

Steven Kull: "People tend to become 'independent of reality' in these circumstances."
Has had work published in leftist magazines. His PIPA organization gets funding from people such as Ben & Jerry's, known leftist sympathizers.

Michael Massing: "This finding just has to cause despair among those of us who hope for an informed public...."
Has published frequently in the leftist magazine The Nation.

Scott Ritter: 'nuff said.

John Prados: "author of the 2004 book 'Hoodwinked: The Documents That Reveal How Bush Sold Us a War.'"
Publishes frequently in leftist magazines.

Kathleen Hall Jamieson: "it doesn't surprise me when presidents reconstruct reality to make their policies defensible."
Apparently swings to the left.

Leftists, possible leftists and the Enemy Press ganging up to try to denigrate those who don't believe as they think you ought. SOP for the Enemy Press.

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Saturday, August 05, 2006

Business Cards: Not Just For Businesses Anymore!

LGF had a post Friday about Terrorist group Hizbollah having business cards!

Let's see what we can do:

It's fun and educational! Try it out today! You'll find a blank template at the LGF post. Use photoshop or paint or any other program. Leave a link in the comments.

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Friday, August 04, 2006

China's Mass Slaughter Begins Again

The Enemy Press AP posts a story at about a mass killing of dogs in Shanghai in response to outbreaks of rabies. (And you thought I was talking about people didn't you???)

It seems the government doesn't know how to control the outbreak, and as good commies do, they immediately turn to brutality to achieve their goals. "Last week, a county in southwestern Yunnan province killed 50,000 dogs, many of them beaten to death in front of their owners, after three people died of rabies." Hmmm, the same tactics they use against people.

Anyway, the usual suspects raised an outcry against the acts. "People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals called such killings a 'hideously cruel response,' in a statement on its Web site. After last week's slaughter, the group canceled about $300,000 orders for merchandise made in China and called for a boycott of Chinese-made products to protest what it calls widespread cruelty to animals in the country." No response to human cruelty from anyone, however.

In other China news, at least 500 new restaurants opened yesterday in Shanghai....

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Wednesday, August 02, 2006


Just received in the mail today. Paid $26 for a M5 model bayo that fits the venerable M1 Garand. From our friends the Danes....

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