Wednesday, August 09, 2006

China Dolls

The People's Daily Online posts a story about a robot created to interact with people at the "Sichuan Science Museum, where she will work as a receptionist and tour guide...."

"Li Chengrong, principal designer of the robot, said here Friday in an interview with Xinhua, 'The robot is the first human simulation robot in China, and she is equipped with the most advanced voice and movement control technologies and can interact with humans.'" Awww, how nice. I wonder how much of the technology was stolen, er given to China by the previous Administration?

It seems that this early robot will still need some tweaking. "The research group will further improve the robot after receiving feedback from buyers and visitors, Li said....They plan to start selling the robots next year, and potential customers would include star-rated hotels and entertainment clubs." And just what "entertainment clubs" would buy these? Hmmmm. I guess we'll see how lifelike she really is....

Oh, come on, you know someone will try!!!

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