Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Enemy Press Prints Sympathy Piece For Illegal Alien

The Enemy Press AP posted a story in the Washington Times about a so-called "immigration activist" who was ordered deported but ran to the nearest church to falsely claim sanctuary. "A prominent activist for illegal immigrants sought sanctuary in a church Wednesday rather than turn herself in for deportation, saying she fears being separated from her young son." Hey, how about both of you leaving? Her son is a minor and as yet has not entered into full citizenship with responsibilities anyway. There's no reason they both shouldn't be removed from the country.

Here's more about this law-breaker. "Arellano, who was deported shortly after illegally crossing into the United States in 1997, is president of United Latino Family, which lobbies for families that could be split by deportation." So what we have here is someone who's here illegally and runs a group who shills for those also in her condition. And it's probably funded by Democrats too....

Listen to her defense. "'I am single mom. My son, he is citizen,' Elvira Arellano, a Mexican national, said from just inside the doorway of Adalberto United Methodist Church. 'I am not terrorist. I am not criminal. I am mom. He is my son.'" Hmmm: "Arellano, who was deported shortly after illegally crossing into the United States...; she returned within days...;convicted of working under a false Social Security number...." Yep, no criminal activity here.... To be fair, one can feel sorry for her and her son, it's only natural to do so. However, what right does anyone have to come here? By law, none. Was she escaping government oppression? Was she targeted for death by a drug cartel? No answers to these questions are given. If she came here only for financial reasons all sympathy melts away. Millions of people would like to come here and be rich, all of them do not have the right to.

During wartime we need to strictly control entry into this country. Letting people stay because of children or long term illegal residence must be stopped as soon as possible. It's doubtful this will happen as we still see people similar to those who participated in 911 being granted free entry into America where they promptly disappear.

As seen later in the piece, Senator Dick Durbin has apparently championed her cause. "Sen. Dick Durbin, D-Ill., said he introduced a private bill that provided Arellano one stay in her deportation proceedings, but that there is nothing more he can do. 'It is an unfortunate truth that scores of people are in the same situation as Elvira and her family,' Durbin said in a statement. 'We cannot fix injustices of this system with private bills; only comprehensive immigration reform can permanently remedy this situation.'" A laughable response from someone who has no problem speaking for those who hate America. Closing the borders would be the perfect immigration remedy. But Durbin and his ilk wouldn't support that, might cost them votes. That's alright Dickie Boy, I'm sure the Democrat officials in Chicago can find some new Democrat votes in a box somewhere....

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