Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Idiot Bush's Clever Plot To Steal Public Funds! Er, No....

Here's a dandy story by the Enemy Press AP from The Ponca City News! It seems that the moron Bush has come up with another devious plan to oppress America by using public funds to help campaign for GOP candidates. "Bankrolled almost entirely by taxpayers, President Bush is roaming far and wide on Air Force One to help Republicans retain control of Congress and capture statehouse contests in high-stakes midterm elections."

Oh the inhumanity! Oh the inhumanity! Karl Rove must have spent hours getting this little conspiracy together to defraud the taxpayers. For paragraph after paragraph, Bush's diabolical plan to force progressives and other anti-war types to fund his own appearances through use of public money is detailed by the ever vigilant Enemy Press. "When Bush, Vice President Dick Cheney, first lady Laura Bush or any federal official helps a candidate, Federal Election Commission guidelines say the campaign must reimburse the government only the equivalent of a first-class fare for each political traveler on each leg of the trip. Typically, that means paying a few hundred or at most a few thousand dollars to cover the president and a couple of aides from the White House Office of Political Affairs." Here's more shenanigans. "And the White House requires reimbursement only if the president specifically advocates a candidate's election, for instance by headlining a fundraiser or a rally on their behalf. That means that staging appearances alongside the president - from Air Force One's jetway or at a policy event - costs a candidate nothing even though they can bask in the media spotlight."

How did Bush get this money grab through Congress? Did he blackmail representatives, or perhaps more insidiously, did the "Jewish Lobby" make backroom deals for this rape of the public treasury? Well, no. You see, after a few paragraphs of insinuations, the AP is finally forced to admit that these funding rules have been in effect since Reagan was President and both parties have used it to their advantage. Of course, saying that in the first place would have made this an interesting footnote, not a story to bash the President with during campaign season.

Nope, no story, just another attempt to cast aspersions on President Bush and try to help their friends in the Democrat party wrest away control of Congress from the Republicans. They cover these types of stories with glee, yet so many other stories could be told which aren't. Gotta keep the agenda going you know. Can't trust the voters to remain dissatisfied with the current administration, they may not vote "correctly" come election day.

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