Sunday, August 20, 2006

Lie-berman Shows He's Still Not Independent

All the various pundits around the blogosphere have been up in arms about the treatment received by Senator Joe Lieberman from the extremist Democrats backing the weak on terror New Soviet Man, the Freshfaker, Ned Lamont.

Sure, this blog understands that Senator Lieberman has at least seen the truth about the crimes against various groups of people inside and outside Iraq by the Saddam regime and the need for its removal. However, this Enemy Press AP story posted at the Sentinal & shows Senator Lieberman calling for the resignation of Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld.

It should be clear to those who understand that Rumsfeld is the best person for the job that Sen Lieberman is only trying to pander to those voters who abandoned him in the Democrat primary. Lieberman isn't conservative, and during time of war America needs neither Joe nor Ned in a position to determine the course of the war. Who else is on the horizon to replace Rumsfeld? No one has indicated who they believe should replace him. An undersecretary? Some unknown politician? Some failed candidate? There are many well regarded former military men who may make a good Secretary, but as unknown quantities, they don't have time to be tested to see if they can even do the job.

Neither Democrat candidate is fit for office at this time in our history. Unfortunately, the Republican candidate is not even a serious contender. In fact, the White House doesn't even endorse him. That's too bad. America will get a Senator from Connecticut who really can't be trusted in the GWOT. Either Lamont wins and the extremist hate filled fringe of the Democrat party gets a voice in the Senate, or Lieberman gets re-elected and he votes "'90 percent of the time with a majority of Democrats....'" America cannot afford either choice. It seems, however, we will be saddled with one. Hopefully the least dangerous to this country is the one chosen.

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