Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Typical Leftist Blather, Mexico Candidate's Algore Stance

The communist candidate for Mexico's presidency lost the election and in typical leftist fashion, decried the truth and demanded to be declared the winner. Enemy Press Network CBS runs a story showing the connectedness of leftist thought worldwide as the loser, Andres Obrador, takes a page from loser Algore's playbook and whines, moans, and cries, then hints darkly of conspiracies. Followed by the inevitable "the regime is illegitimate" pronouncements.

"Mexico's leftist presidential candidate rejected a court decision upholding his rival's slim lead in the disputed July 2 race and called on his supporters not to recognize a government led by Felipe Calderon." Follow the Algore playbook: "The former Mexico City mayor claims fraud was responsible for Calderon's lead" and "He has said he would accept nothing less than a full recount, arguing it would reveal that he was the race's true winner." When you can't win at the ballot box, claim fraud. Of course, everyone knows that leftists are well versed in vote fraud.

No matter. The election officials did what was right, as did the election officials in Florida. "The judges repeatedly said they annulled only the ballots where it wasn't clear which party the voter was supporting, saying each challenge had to be specific and backed up by evidence." Right, no evidence of fraud, just wild claims because their guy didn't win. Expect nothing else from leftists, they demand that they be given power no matter the true election outcome. Standard Operating Procedure for those who hate freedom.

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