Monday, September 18, 2006

Duquesne Shootings And Gun Rights reports on the shooting of five basketball players from Duquesne University. The station reports that "Police said someone fired six to 12 shots with a semiautomatic weapon. Witnesses told police the shooter was described as a black man, is 5 feet 4 inches tall, and was wearing a white T-shirt at the time of the shooting."

Will there now be predictable calls for more restrictions on firearms? Of course there will. Notice however that the suspect is listed as a black male. Will those enlightened gun banners or anyone also call for blacks to be disarmed? That would be immediately, and rightly, denounced as racist. We'll see the person who actually did the crime demonized by some, and excused by others. Because the shooter isn't responsible for his act, he was forced to do it by easy access to the gun.

Previously, in a more sane time, the gun itself wasn't considered an actor in its own right. Today we see false front groups that claim to care about gun violence (Brady) or your well being (Physicians for Social Responsibility) who demonize the gun itself and seek to control your access to them. The UN is on their side with their campaign to disarm the people of the world and leave them to the evil designs of thug governments and bureaucrats (ie themselves).

Such unfortunate incidents like the University and Montreal shootings may influence people who care about apparent rising crime rates into believing that banning or restricting access and ownership of firearms will curb violence and make them safer. Many studies have shown the opposite. Castle doctrine laws and loosening of concealed carry laws have not resulted in bloodbaths or old west shootouts in the street. Those who hate your ability to have arms know this. They just don't like the fact that you can resist if and when they decide you've had enough freedom and must obey their superior wisdom. The fear of being justly removed from their positions of power and authority is the impetus for the attempts to restrict your Second Amendment rights. Rights not granted by the Constitution, but merely acknowledged as pre-existing God given rights to self defense.

Second Amendment bloggers, the NRA, the JPFO and other organizations fight a never ending battle against those who would use fear of crime and lawlessness to bully free people into confirming them into a perpetual ruling class who brook no opposition to their self arrogated divine right to rule. We must be vigilant in protecting our rights or we will someday lose them.

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