Saturday, September 09, 2006

El Gorebrador To Name Himself Presidente Faux

Failed leftist Mexican presidential candidate Manuel Obrador is poised to declare himself the President of Mexico and set up a parallel government his supporters say, according to an Enemy Press AP story posted in The Daily Camera.

"Since Mexico's top electoral court rejected Lopez Obrador's allegations of widespread fraud in the July 2 vote, he has focused on a Sept. 16 convention where supporters will declare him leader of a resistance government." Typical leftist thought. What exactly are his "government's" plans? "...the parallel government will fight for recognition in international forums and launch street protests against free trade reforms and privatization of government enterprises. It also will set up a still-unspecified capital, form a Cabinet and set policy." Gee, sounds like a CIVIL WAR! to this blog. You know, like in Iraq, where no one has formed a "resistance government" and no insurgent groups claim to be the legitimate government of Iraq. Maybe there'll be a quagmire!

Of course this "government" is completely illegitimate, however, expect the usual groups of thugs and totalitarians to immediately "recognize" this false administration. Castro and Chavez and the Democrat Party will rush to proclaim the Obrador junta the real voice of the people. Too bad for them this new movement is destined to end in tears.

"The main question is how long Lopez Obrador can keep mobilizing his followers. His actions already have alienated many and hurt the PRD. The same election Lopez Obrador terms fraudulent was the most successful ever for his party, making it the largest opposition force in Congress." That's the sticking point for the "resistance leader." Only Obrador failed to get elected, his party won many seats and local governments. How can you be a parallel government when you are the government in many places? You can't. Eventually his supporters will see that they have power already. Obrador isn't out for power for anyone but himself. His party already can influence the direction the Mexican government takes, but his insistence that he be the leader will cause alienation among his followers when they see his intransigence gains them nothing and could cause them to lose the power they have. Megalomaniacs care for nothing but themselves and they eventually destroy those who would ally with them. All in the quest for personal domination.

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