Thursday, September 07, 2006

I'm Naked...

And looking for a BLO job.... Click "Continue Reading" for tasteful nude pix.

The Mark I stock was black when I picked up my CMP rifle at the Big Reno Show. My first thought was to have a professional strip the stock for me as it has no interesting cartouches to save. The stock is a WWII replacement without the usual proof marks.

I had searched a few gun boards and finally decided to strip the stock myself and use EasyOff Heavy Duty oven cleaner. I applied the cleaner three times for the whole stock, and also three applications to certain areas that stayed very dark. The cleaner worked very well for the most part, but there are still stubborn areas that won't get lighter even after six total cleanings. I decided to leave the stock alone after the last attempt as it appeared that the wood was beginning to soften around the sharper edges.

The next move will be to decide on a finish. It will probably be boiled linseed oil as I would like to keep the stock on the light side. I might consider a Danish type oil as I finished a table and some chairs from an unfinished furniture store and I liked the look of the completed set. Comments and suggestions are welcomed.