Friday, September 08, 2006

Mexican Algore Clone To Become Global Warming Advocate

Enemy Press outlet Reuters reports that Mexican failed presidential candidate Manuel Obrador is finding his supporters deserting him in massive numbers. His large street carnival/protest is quickly losing its steam as the dejected leftists either are going home or endorsing the election of the true election winner Felipe Calderon.

"The small Convergencia party, one of three groups in a coalition that backed Lopez Obrador's run for the presidency, has defied the leftist leader and recognized conservative Calderon as president. Some leftist state governors say they will work with the conservative, who beat Lopez Obrador by just 0.56 percentage points in the July 2 election." Sad news for the true believers, but that's the way it goes. They should have known that crying and lying doesn't win elections.

It's been rumored that once Obrador has taken some time off to wipe his tears, he is planning to start a shadow government cum television station to keep Mexican leftists deluded into thinking he's the true president. Also, Obrador will be making appearances throughout the third world blaming President Bush for his defeat and he will also address the moral issues of the day from a leftist perspective. It's not clear whether he will be seen passionately kissing his wife.

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