Tuesday, September 26, 2006

A Prison Of Their Own Making

Sniff, oh Boo Hoo! I think I'm gonna cry. Poor, poor "Palestinians." Imprisoned in a world not of their own making. Well, not really. Enemy Press Outlet Reuters places a sob story out in the news world concerning some UN hoodlum complaining about the just rewards for terrorism visited upon the so-called "Palestinian" people. Mind you, this blog isn't unmindful of the suffering people trapped in Gaza are undergoing. However, all you have to do to alleviate it is to stop killing people! Guess that's too hard after all these years of getting away with it.

The UN special (oh, so special) rapporteur - just call it reporter for cryin' out loud - from the former Apartheid state, now current thug state of South Africa, a certain John Dugard (a lawyer, natch) claims that all the problems faced by the people in Gaza are the fault of Israel. He said, "the suffering of the Palestinians was a test of the readiness of the international community to protect human rights. If ... the international community cannot ... take some action, (it) must not be surprised if the people ... disbelieve that they are seriously committed to the promotion of human rights," he told the United Nations' Human Rights Council." Like Darfur, right? Or the brand new UN Human Rights Council?

So first order of business is to check out the bona fides of our special rapporteur. OK, Frontpagemag.com has a little story from last year about our alleged hero. Seems like he's called for the end of Israel. Well, I guess that makes him the perfect unbiased person make reports about conditions in Gaza. Of course, I kid. He's exactly the kind of person who would willingly join those who tried to eliminate Jews earlier in the last century. Would he actually do it? Maybe he'd just stamp the papers. Who knows, although he certainly is an apologist for those who would bring on a new Holocaust, UN approved no doubt.

Feel free to read the rest of the Enemy Press story, but what little I've shown should be more than enough for anyone to see exactly what's on the agenda. Demonization of Israel and the Jews. Note to those who do feel for the "Palestinians": encourage them to turn out the terrorists among them. Israel is not calling for the destruction of the Palestinian state, the Palestinian leaders must do the same - and mean it.