Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Unsavory Character Claims He's Fighting For Second Amendment

Fox News reports a case of a man on trial for arms violations claiming he sold "illegal machine guns" to a government agent to set up court challenge to gun control laws.

Unfortunately for Second Amendment supporters, the background of the defendant, Keith Gilbert, is full of apparent racism and murder plots. Gilbert's past will not help those who believe that most, if not all, gun control laws are unconstitutional.

Meanwhile, prosecutors are belittling the defendant's claims. "Assistant U.S. Attorney Andrew Friedman told jurors that Gilbert was a small-time gun trafficker whose motive was making at least a few hundred dollars from each sale. The claim that he was trying to make himself a 'Second Amendment martyr' was a surprise, Friedman told Judge Marsha Pechman. He and fellow prosecutor Andy Colasurdo quickly put together a rebuttal case, recalling four witnesses to dispute Gilbert's claims. The prosecutors argued that if Gilbert wanted to be arrested, he could simply have called police and told them to look in his basement, where he kept five of his own machine guns. 'He could have gone out there and stood on a soap box on the corner and talked about the Second Amendment. That's not what he did,' Friedman said. 'He's a firearms trafficker selling these guns for profit.'"

Strange that the government is making such a big deal about dismissing Gilbert's claims. It seems they wouldn't really have to make such a stir about it if they didn't believe that a jury would accept the defendant's views. Believe it or not, possession of machine guns is not a crime. Making your own rifles is also not a crime. Selling guns is not a crime. These acts require licenses, but are not illegal. The prosecutors are probably not telling the jury those facts. We don't know as their testimony isn't given in the Fox News story.

That's the gist of the whole Second Amendment debate. What exactly does it mean? Are any type of arms to be off limits to the people? No! The founders other writings make it quite clear that the Second Amendment exists to allow Americans to fight against government tyranny with arms if need be. Leftists and other freedom haters like the UN cannot stand against the clear meaning of the words.

Too bad for those of us who believe gun control laws are unconstitutional that we have such a poor example to uphold as a defender of our true rights. Perhaps this case will lead to something better to once and for all declare again the true meaning of the Second Amendment and rescue it from the hands of those who would do violence to it.

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