Wednesday, September 27, 2006

US Government Sentences Runaway Teen To Island Prison

The Enemy Press AP reports in the (Extremist) Democrat & Chronicle of Rochester NY, that a teenaged son of a Cuban American used his dad's credit card to buy a ticket to Cuba to live with his biological mother - who apparently doesn't have custody. The father, Alfredo Diaz wants the US Government to work for his return.

Of course we can expect the illegitimate thug government of Cuba to immediately go into the home of his mother, guns drawn, ready to take him to the nearest US interest section of some third party embassy, right? Hey, look, donuts! We know the truth, but at least our government will work for the return of the child....

Well, no. "The teen has lived with his father in the United States for six years. The elder Diaz said his ex-wife agreed to let their son come to this country. Diaz said U.S. authorities told him they cannot help because his son traveled to the island voluntarily to live with his mother, and because the father has no written proof of custody." Can't help but shake your head at that. There's no proof that Elian didn't come voluntarily either, but armed men under the direction of our illustrious former attorney general invaded an American home to forcibly remove a child and send him to a slave state. The fact that the child has legally resided here for six years seems to mean nothing to whomever it is that decided to not help an immigrant. The "authorities" are never named, but I wonder if it wasn't someone in the Justice Department but someone in the "always side with the enemy" State Department who refused help to a free man in deference to a dictatorial regime?

Hopefully things will work out in the end as the father indicates that the child was angry because of failed ballot box stuffing for a school government race.... Hey, wait a minute, this kid sounds like a leftist, maybe Cuba should just keep him....

All levity aside, does anyone think that the thug government of Cuba won't try to use this story to their advantage as they did with Elian Gonzalez? If Diaz does regain his son, expect that some money or other consideration will have to be paid to get him back to freedom. Perhaps we can trade Jimmy Carter for him?

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