Thursday, October 19, 2006

Candidate Crosses Line: Tells Illegals They Can't Vote

Orange County and other California GOP brass are calling on one of their candidates to withdraw from a race because of what's being characterized as an "obnoxious and reprehensible" letter to "Hispanic voters," according to the Joplin Globe and the Enemy Press AP.

Apparently a letter was sent to "an estimated 14,000 Democratic voters in central Orange County." The letter is said to have been written in Spanish and states "'You are advised that if your residence in this country is illegal or you are an immigrant, voting in a federal election is a crime that could result in jail time.'" Of course we can't be sure if that's the correct translation of the letter, remember, this is the Enemy Press AP we're talking about. If however the translation is correct, what exactly is wrong with informing illegal aliens that they have no right to vote? Well, nothing really, but that didn't stop the predictable backlash against the candidate, Tan Nguyen. (What?! It wasn't a white guy???!!)

Of course to assume that all illegal aliens speak Spanish or are of Hispanic heritage is patently ridiculous. However, a large majority of those in California are Spanish speaking and of Hispanic heritage therefore to send out a letter in Spanish would more likely be effective than sending a letter in Ebonics. Still, the letter should never have been sent. It's insulting to Spanish speaking citizens to lump them in with those who are in a criminal state of residence in America.

Too bad that the Republican hierarchy went overboard in their condemnation. Even the Democrat incumbent didn't get as outraged as the GOP Mahouts. "In an interview Thursday morning, Sanchez said she had never spoken to Nguyen because her campaign didn't see him as a threat to her re-election. "'If it is in fact this guy (who sent the letter), the most disgusting and saddest thing about it is that it comes from another immigrant,' said (Loretta) Sanchez, a congresswoman born in the U.S. to Mexican parents whose 1996 election signaled Orange County's increasing diversification." A calm, measured response. Not so from the candidate's own party. "County Republican Chairman Scott Baugh, however, said that after speaking with state investigators and the company that distributed the mailer, he believes Nguyen had direct knowledge of 'obnoxious and reprehensible' letter. He told the AP that the party's executive committee voted unanimously to urge Nguyen to drop out of the race against Democratic U.S. Rep. Loretta Sanchez." The state's GOP chairman said, "'If it is proven that a candidate was responsible for this action, that candidate is clearly not fit to serve the people of California and should withdraw immediately from his or her race,' California GOP Chairman Duf Sundheim said in a statement."

OK, Duffer, enlighten us to how Nguyen is not fit to serve if a letter goes out under his name, whether he approved it or not, informing illegal aliens that they have no right to vote? Seems that kind of candidate is more fit for public office than those who currently refuse to stem the tide of illegal immigration and assents to the demands of criminals to effect our sovereign rights.

To be sure, this refusal to do anything also leads to active collusion with criminals. The story also indicates that "Complaints about the letters this week prompted a state probe, and a spokesman for California's attorney general said investigators had been questioning people in Orange County." Questioning people about what? Are you an illegal? Doubtful, most likely the investigation was to root out those who believe that illegal aliens have no rights to suffrage. Here's more: "U.S. Justice Department spokeswoman Cynthia Magnuson said the department's civil rights division was investigating in coordination with the state attorney general's office." What bloody civil rights have been violated by informing people that they are not allowed to vote if they are not citizens? Are these people crazy? Are they paid off by the illegal alien lobby? Are they actively working to undermine the rights of those who are citizens for votes down the road? To see this kind of reaction to someone who may have a point about our voting rights is the true outrage. Thugs and criminals now seem to control the government of the Golden State. They refuse to pass laws for the public good and spend their time coddling and protecting criminals. If anyone opposes them, they use their office and the media to demonize and silence those who would remain free. They are villains impure and simple. Not one of the current crop of elected state officials seem to remember they are there to serve and protect the legal and free citizens of the state, not to pander to criminals. They are the true "obnoxious and reprehensible" things in that state.

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