Sunday, October 22, 2006

Gun Show Goodness....

OK, so I hit a local gunshow today and although I didn't get what I wanted, I did pick up some stuff I needed.

No gun this time, but I did finally pick up a real range bag. I've been using a softsided laptop/briefcase bag until now. I bought a nylon and vinyl rig made by Kickin' A Packs 'N Stuff. I have the medium sized MD version. $25 plus tax.

I have open carry available to me but I have no plans to do so, unless conditions require it - natural disaster, hippies freaking because the Dems lose the election and so on. That said, I can't just carry around a gun in a box whenever I go out in the desert to shoot. At the last gun show I acquired a little nylon job for the Bulgy Mak for $10. I wanted one for the .357, but the stock was gone. The same vendor was at the show today and I was able to get a matching one for the Smith. Now I guess I can keep both guns on my hip when I'm out shooting.

The last item was a sling for the K31. It's a used leather sling dating from 1945. My rifle was manufactured in 1948 so at least it's close. And, it's the correct sling for the rifle. $13 and no tax.

I didn't even buy any ammo!

Of course I didn't just go in, buy these three items and leave. I came prepared to buy a bayonet for my 03 Springfield. Ouch! I shoulda bought one when I bought the Springfield, they were going for around $80 then, I couldn't find one for less than $200 today!!! Guess I'll start haunting Ebay again. I know I let a few get away from me because they were up to the $100 mark and I was expecting to pay $80. Guess I'll have to up my price level. Looks like the Swiss bayos are even pricier.

As usual the same old junk was there as well as guns. Very few guns in relation to the number of tables. Seemed to be a few more Winchesters about but without the prices of yore. Most were around the $650 mark and there were a few near $500. Still too rich for my blood, but interesting nonetheless. Only saw one unf&*%@! up Krag and it was going for a grand. All the rest were Bubba'd. If there's a hell, it's certainly reserved for those who butcher a fine firearm. Oh yeah, that table full of Garands and Carbines made an appearance again. Still didn't see anyone buying one....

Just because I wasn't in the market for a firearm doesn't mean I didn't fingerprint any. I looked to see if I could find a companion to the Bulgy Mak and found only two. Both were priced over what I paid for mine. Didn't look any better either. Most of the old classics were overpriced too. I spied a Heritage Rough Rider and saw it was tagged $175. The MSRP for that model is only $160. The seller had a Ruger Single Six as well, so I was able to compare the feel. He had it priced at $345. Now I know about Ruger quality compared to an off brand, but the Rough Rider didn't feel that much lighter than the Ruger. Had I been ready to buy, I think I'd give the Rough Rider a chance, but not as his price. Recently I've been reading about the German P38 sidearm so I took a look around for one. There was only one wartime model, the other two I found were modern. Too much for my pocket.

Speaking of too much for my pocket.... I passed a dealer packing up her trinkets and noticed a couple of 1911s. Yeah, can't afford one of those, but took a look anyway. Oh, how I wish someone would have dropped a wallet full of money right in front of me! I saw a very good Colt dated 1917. The finish was about 30%, but it looked good, it looked real good. What a curse to be poor! $1495. The woman was willing to make a deal, but I doubt if Sexy Girl would let me trade Honey Girl for a gun. Even a beauty such as that Colt! My only child for a gun? You know.... I reluctantly put down the gun and moved away with tears in my eyes.

How could anything else top that? Well, nothing could so I made my way towards the door. I got what I needed anyway so no loss. Such is the life of a gun owner.

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