Saturday, October 21, 2006

Jackbooted Thugs Raid Anti-Illegal Immigrant Candidate

The offices and a residence of a staffer for Republican Congressional candidate Tan Nguyen were "raided" by California authorities, according to the Enemy Press Washington Post. This raid was the result of complaints concerning a letter sent to over 14,000 Spanish speaking residents of Orange County where Mr Nguyen is running for the seat held by extremist Democrat Loretta Sanchez.

This story is a follow up to the post found below. It appears that the letter was sent under a false name, California Coalition for Immigration Reform. The group denies knowledge of the letter. Nguyen "a Vietnamese immigrant trying to unseat a popular Democratic incumbent, has acknowledged his campaign sent the letter, which wrongly said immigrants could be jailed if they voted. He blamed an unidentified staffer whom he said he has fired." That being the case then, provided Nguyen is being truthful, the offending person has been removed from the campaign and Nguyen has no duty to withdraw.

Others, of course, don't see it that way. Unfortunately for conservatives in California, many of them are so-called Republican leaders. In fact, in their rush to appear to be even handed towards everyone, they end up spouting foolishness about "civil rights" and "voter intimidation." The Post notes "State and federal officials have been investigating the mailing for possible violations of election or civil rights law. It is illegal to use threats to try to dissuade anyone from voting." Anyone? Do they mean even those who have no right to vote? Perhaps. How is informing someone that they are not entitled to vote a violation of election or civil rights laws? The answer is, it isn't. The letter was a crude attempt to stop illegal voting, the apparent centerpiece of the campaign. It failed, and blew up in the candidate's face because of factual errors and the fact the letter purported to come from an organization it didn't. It would have been better if the Nguyen campaign used direct mailers to all voters or billboards to get his point across. The handling was wrong, the message is correct. Vote fraud is a serious concern. Every fraudulent vote cancels a vote that a citizen is privileged to cast to make his or her views known. If attempting to suppress voter turnout is a crime, then all the news media who publish false polls or polls weighted to get the results they want should have been imprisoned long ago.

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