Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Disney Anti-Gun Bias

Honey Girl was watching Disney Channel before her nap and a preview for the DNC movie Cadet Kelly was being shown.

Now, I haven't seen the movie and cannot - unlike a "Liberal/Leftist" - comment on the story or what happens in it. I can however mention that one scene shown concerns the activities of the military school's drill team, which of course involves rifles. Nowhere else in the clip was any editorial content visible or audible - except in the drill team scene. "No real guns were used in the movie" it said. Why? Is there something so horrible about someone seeing a gun, or handling a gun, or using a gun? Not in the minds of free men and women, but those who fear freedom will apparently get the vapors if the possibility exists that someone might actually touch or use a real weapon.

I suppose that's the current demographic for the Disney product these days. Wish upon a star, no one is ever hurt or dies, and there's no evil at all in the world, just poor misunderstood good guys. Too bad for them it's not true. Of course that's probably not how Walt saw the world, but Walt ain't around, his company is run by accountants. In their defense we know that Disney wants to sell to everyone, so they believe they cannot offend anyone, except that by telling cotton candy stories they don't let anyone see the truth of the brutal existence of modern life.

The truth is that a revulsion for firearms does nothing to protect anyone from evil. Guns in truth protect our society, no amount of sensitivity toward those who mean you ill has ever turned away violence from those who are determined to bring it to you and bring it in full.