Monday, November 13, 2006

If You Hear Something, Investigate

Updated: Hmmm, multiple helos hovering in the area. None were lifeflights. Wonder if the accident was a hit and run?

I was setting here prepared to write a screed a few minutes ago and heard a thump from outside. It wasn't close to the house, but it wasn't far either. Sounded like a fender bender at the nearest intersection about half a block away.

I thought, oh well, someone's crunched.

A few minutes later I heard a siren. After the fire department responded I went outside to take a look.

Motorcycle and car with body in the intersection.

Strangely I heard the sound of the car, but not the motorcycle. Too bad I didn't investigate earlier. The FD has a station less than a mile away. Had I checked out the sound right after hearing it, I could have had the FD here in minutes. I don't hold out much hope of the cycle rider in any cycle/car accident. I hope my delay didn't cause someone to lose their life. Next time, check out any sound you hear, I know I will.

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