Tuesday, December 26, 2006

She Speaks....

Finally had the chance to take out the aught three! Also, my first time for an indoor range. As a new customer, I had to shoot at the silhouette target first to prove to them I wouldn't fill their ceiling with holes! The red circle shows the first hit.

Forty plus year old eyes and a dark range doesn't help your accuracy I'm sure, but at least for this attempt the shots seemed to stay near each other. This target shows two groups of five shots all shot at fifty yards from a bench rest using a sling. I don't have sandbags or a vise to shoot from. The battle sight was set to 100 yards. The first five shots (green) were Winchester 150 grain, and the second group (blue)was Remington 150 grain.

The second target was fifteen shots using Remington again with a sling. One in the red and four in the black. This target was set at twenty five yards I tried to set the black on the top of the front sight. I had very little movement with the sling, so it appears that the rifle is shooting a little high and to the right.

Let this next target be a lesson to me. Here again at twenty five yards, no sling just bench rest. All ten shots were Federal American Eagle 150 grain. Big difference. Strung out the shots. Guess I was trying to keep a straight line instead of a nice little group. Definitely shoots better with a sling. Holding it with elbows on a bench is very hard for me to get decent groups.

The last grouping indicates I was still following the string theory.... I tried adjusting my aim and at least I lowered the elevation but was way too far left, although I did get one in the black. The one in the seven ring wasn't a flyer, it was a benchmark shot aimed with the black sitting on top of the front blade sight. I dropped my aim halfway down and to the left and it worked. Not exactly how I wanted it - OK elevation - but I started walking the shots to the left. Just goes to show you that leftism is evil.... The target was set at fifty yards and I wasn't using the sling. American Eagle was used again.

Lessons learned? Use a sling. My dad showed me how they used slings in the army and I believe that was the technique I used. It definitely steadies aim. Unfortunately the range is limited to fifty yards so I don't have a clear idea how far off the sights are. Until someone can take me as a guest to one of the area outdoor ranges, I'll just have to guess about the accuracy. In total I fired off forty five rounds out of the old warhorse. Recoil? Sure, but it wasn't that bad...because I have a recoil pad on it! No pain after shooting! In reality the kick wasn't anywhere near what I had been expecting. It was a moderate push but I'm sure forty five rounds would have been tiring without the pad. I fired ten rounds from the Swiss K31 without a recoil pad and although I could start feeling it, it wasn't that bad either. Firing multiple rounds under battle conditions is much different than sitting at a range I'm sure.

I gave the rifle a good cleaning and put it away for another day. I still haven't gotten around to test firing the Mak after reassembling it a few weeks ago. It seems that none of the local ranges like the fmj alloy bullets I buy for it. Eh, maybe there's some cheap Chicom stuff around....